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To get the compensation you deserve when someone else’s negligence has caused your injuries, you’ll need to act fast. Give a New Orleans injury lawyer a call.


Most of us have been through some form of accident. Whether we were behind the wheel or in our own home, we’ve fallen, broken something, or shocked ourselves on an appliance. It may hurt, but in a lot of these cases, we likely put the blame on ourselves.

But that’s not always where the blame should fall. You might have been in a serious accident, and you may find that another person put you in harm’s way—intentionally or not. When that happens, you may need to act fast to get the compensation you need to heal after such a traumatic event.

Unfortunately, Louisiana law and pushback from the defendant won’t make that easy.

That’s where a New Orleans personal injury lawyer can step in. If you need professional, personalized help with your case, Wright & Gray is ready to give you that assistance.

Common Personal Injury Cases in New Orleans

As beautiful as New Orleans can be, it can just as easily be dangerous. Life in Louisiana comes with many of the same risks you might find in other places—traffic conditions lead to accidents, floors might be wet or uneven, or someone isn’t too careful with a dangerous dog.

While many personal injury cases are governed by the same laws, however, it’s important that we know exactly how to label your case. No two are exactly alike, and some laws are more specific to different types of cases.

When you’re gathering evidence to support your New Orleans personal injury claim, you’ll likely find that you’re dealing with one of many types of cases, such as the ones listed below:

  • Vehicle Accidents – I-10 is one of the most dangerous roads in America, and you’ve likely had at least one close call, whether you were in a car or on a motorcycle.
  • Product Liability – When a product you bought leaves you injured, even though you used it according to the instructions, you deserve compensation.
  • Premises Liability – The tourism industry is a major source of revenue for New Orleans, but that also means more businesses that might be negligent and unsafe. If you’re injured on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to a settlement.

You Deserve Compensation

These accident types and many others can leave you in the hospital, in pain, and struggling to deal with the hardships you’ve been left with. After an accident, you deserve the best representation possible as you seek the monetary help you need to get through this tough time.

Filing a lawsuit with a New Orleans injury attorney’s help gives you the chance to win fair compensation and move on with your life. Your settlement should cover all damages, from the physical to the emotional and financial. After all, your injuries have a broad effect on your life.

For example, your physical damages will cause financial damages that you should be compensated for.

A brain injury, for example, can cause cognitive issues that make it difficult or impossible to work, which means lost income, not to mention the costs of medical care and long-term therapy.

Unfortunately, an accident may cause injuries that no one can see. Emotional trauma is a serious issue—a car accident or dog bite could cause avoidance at best and debilitating phobias that change the way you live your life at worst. Any changes to your life should be considered in your damages.

Connect with a New Orleans
Personal Injury Lawyer

At Wright & Gray, we understand how confusing and overwhelming the laws and statutes can be—after all, you’re hurt and suffering, and you need help now. Our attorneys are ready to guide you through the process of getting the help you need to recover.


How Louisiana Law Will Affect Your Case

While your injuries are serious and you need to act fast, you need to also consider how Louisiana law will affect the proceedings. A mistake here could get you a reduced settlement—or no compensation at all. Before you file, consider calling a personal injury attorney in New Orleans who can review your case.

Just being late, for example, might get your case dismissed. You have one year to file a personal injury case in New Orleans. This covers any civil wrongs you might have suffered because of another person’s negligence or intent to harm you.

Unfortunately, just filing before the statute of limitations has passed doesn’t mean you’ll get your full settlement. Louisiana observes comparative negligence, which means that you’re also responsible for any part in the accident you had. If you were negligent and contributed in any way to causing the accident that injured you, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault you hold.

Losing your compensation because of small mistakes can leave you with the bill for all of your damages, so don’t take that risk. A personal injury attorney in New Orleans is ready to help; we’re here to maximize your compensation with as little stress on you as possible.

Connect with a New Orleans Car Accident Attorney

New Orleans may get more attention for its waterways and ports, but our highways are notorious for being far less pleasant. Roads like I-10 are especially congested and dangerous, and if you’ve been in a serious accident on the roads of New Orleans, you likely need compensation to get your life back on track.

Unfortunately, you can expect little sympathy from the insurance companies, and if you’re uninsured, it can be even more difficult to get compensation when you need it.

That’s what a New Orleans car accident lawyer at our firm is here for: personalized help after your crash.

At Wright & Gray, we know how important fair compensation is to your recovery, but we also know how much of a fight you can expect from all sides after your accident. If you’re not already familiar with the law, that can leave you struggling until it’s too late to file.

Don’t take chances with your claim. Give our attorneys a call as soon as you can to get your claim handled with the attention you deserve.

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