Avoid Truckers’ No Zones and Protect Yourself

Nov 16, 2016

With our busy everyday lives, it’s easy to ignore safe driving messages. After all, they show up on TV and radio, billboards, and even online. But it’s important to remember what is truly important—our lives and our relationships. When we’re aware of truckers’ “no zones”, we can take positive steps to protect ourselves, our family, and our friends.

“No zones” is just another way of saying “blind spots.” All cars have blind spots that make it hard for their drivers to see cars, pedestrians, and other objects around them. But the blind spots around a big rig blocks much of a trucker’s view.

Semis have three big no zones: front, rear, and side. The hood of the tractor makes it impossible to see in front of the truck. Think about pulling into a parking space in your own car. In many models, it’s difficult to tell where the front of the car ends. The front no zone of a big rig is very similar, only much, much bigger. You can improve your safety by avoiding the space in front of a semi. When merging or pulling in front of the semi, realize that the driver cannot see immediately in front of their rig and cannot stop quickly.

Big trucks also have a blind spot immediately behind them. Unlike cars or even school buses, they don’t have rearview mirrors and cannot see the area immediately behind the trailer at all. Generally speaking, if you can’t see the driver in one of the truck’s mirrors, the driver can’t see you. You should allow at least three seconds of following distance behind big trucks.

The last no zone is the biggest. Truck drivers cannot see around either side of their trailers. Even though they have mirrors, they still cannot see much of that area. You can improve your safety by avoiding these areas altogether, when possible, and by clearing these areas quickly when passing an 18-wheeler.

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