Is Truck Driver Fatigue a Big Cause of Louisiana Truck Accidents?

Mar 21, 2022

Truck accidents are more severe than other small vehicles accidents. Truck drivers are often overworked, and truck driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of these serious crashes. Due to their large size and weight, 18-wheelers can cause catastrophic damage. Such crashes can lead to wrongful death or life-changing injuries such as paralysis, amputation, or other mental and physical disabilities. Not only that, but people sustaining injuries may also have to deal with the financial burden.

The average trucking company in Louisiana has failed to do enough to prevent an 18-wheeler accident.

It can not be denied that trucks are an important form of transport, but they are also an on-road hazard for passenger vehicles. This is because of the large size; in the event of a motor vehicle accident, there can be devastating consequences. In such a case, you should contact the competent truck accident attorneys at Wright & Gray; we will do all we can to recover the losses caused by the commercial truck accident.

From settlement negotiations for fair compensation with the insurance company to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, our law firm can handle it all for truck accident victims.

How Truck Driver Fatigue Can Lead To an Accident

If a driver is feeling lethargic, they shouldn’t drive as it can increase the chances of an accident. Drowsy driving can decrease the motor function of the driver. The driver may not be able to react quickly when encountering an upcoming vehicle with great speed.

This is pretty much just as dangerous as drunk driving as it leads to loss of control!

Truck companies tend to overwork their employees, leading to fatal crashes and causing catastrophic injuries to the victim. A truck accident lawyer needs to know how a crash happened to be able to help their client, and if it is drowsy driving leading to compromised reaction time, the truck accident lawsuit will be rock solid.

There are some federal regulations in this regard, but truck companies have ways around the legal regulations (or may disregard them completely). Also, since truck drivers are compensated for extra time, they tend to go the extra mile.

This can lead to reckless driving, drowsy driving, and so on. Things are further complicated when there are hazardous materials on board. Semi-trucks can get out of control fast, and truck driver fatigue is not really the variable you’d want in the equation.

This is what leads to a tragic truck crash.

Workers need to be a bit responsible too and not overwork themselves as this is a safety hazard for other people in passenger cars. Disregarding such safety practices can lead to crashes; in such a case, the victim must file a truck accident claim for financial compensation.

Other Major Causes Of A Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents can be prevented by learning the main cause behind these incidents. Your lawyer will analyze the accident and investigate who is the responsible party.

The main causes of road accidents involving trucks are the following:

Negligent Driving

Even a trained driver can act neglectfully, speeding to transport the cargo to the destination within the prescribed deadline (which tends to be unreasonable in many cases). This mistake may cause an accident and may even take lives.

Overloading The Cargo

If the cargo is overloaded on the truck and it is not secured, it may cause cargo spills and shifts. This is not only dangerous for the driver but also for others. It can be more dangerous on a busy road, especially at a marketplace; the threat is even more pronounced at high speeds.

Defective Equipment

Some parts such as the brakes and tires should be checked before each drive to see if they need any replacement or repairing. Defective equipment of the truck, such as brakes that might fail, is dangerous and it is an accident that can be avoided by taking proper care of the truck or any vehicle.

Inadequate Weather Conditions

Drivers should be careful in bad weather conditions such as thunder, rain, snow, lightning, etc. The company must train its drivers to handle their vehicles properly in such weather conditions to prevent accidents.

Poor Road Conditions

The driver should avoid areas with roads that need repairing. If the road does not seem to be in good condition, then it will be much harder to handle the truck down that route. The driver should also try to avoid the road where a construction site or a major project has been placed.

Rush Hours

Driving through a busy road with several vehicles around may cause an accident, especially during the holidays when the roads are jammed by several vehicles. Such instances can increase the chances of an accident.

Distracted Driving

Accidents can also occur if the driver (and this goes both ways) is inattentive or distracted by other things. Using a cell phone while driving, for instance, is not only unprofessional but can also be quite dangerous. A driver can also be distracted by eating, drinking, or texting someone. The same goes for things outside the vehicle, such as other people or billboards.

Recent research concluded that 70% of all accidents occur because of distracted drivers, resulting in many deaths.

Speeding Trucks

Even if a truck driver is getting late, they should not consider speeding. A small car will stop quickly because of its relatively small mass. But trucks, upon speeding, may not be able to stop quickly and this may cause an accident.

How Can The Risk Of Truck Accidents Be Minimized In General?

Necessary precautions should be taken by all involved parties to prevent trucking accidents:

Taking The Appropriate Route

Truck drivers should prefer an appropriate route rather than a congested one which may act as a contributing factor for an accident. Also, the trucker driver should avoid being reckless by driving over roads and bridges which are unable to bear heavy loads.

Avoiding Sharp Turns And Other Road Hazards

Sharp turns and low clearances should be avoided. Steep roads are not only difficult to drive on but also pose a great hazard for truck drivers.

Avoid Passing Trucks

Regular drivers should pass trucks with caution as they are heavy vehicles and thus may not be able to turn fast enough. You should always be careful and leave some space between the truck and your car as you are passing the truck.

Be On The Lookout For Wide Turns

Wide turns should be anticipated from the truck driver as the truck is a gigantic vehicle, when taking a turn it will need more space. Try not to squeeze between small places as it can cause inconvenience and even lead to a crash.

Common Types Of Collisions Involving Trucks

Different kinds of collisions can occur due to the negligence of the driver. This includes the head-on collision which is caused by getting hit from the front and can cause the wrongful death of either party or severe injuries at the least.

Rear-end collisions and rollovers may also have deadly consequences. Cargo shift and cargo spills can also cause a severe impact on the truck driver and any nearby passenger vehicle driver who might be around at the time of the accident.

Trucking companies and truck drivers should be aware of these dangers and should take safety measures to help save lives.

Damages Resulting From Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can have catastrophic consequences for the driver and others around at the time. Even if the victims survive, they will have to go through a lengthy recovery period and will have to deal with emotional stress all along.

People involved in these accidents barely make it out alive, and if they do, they may suffer severe head and neck injuries. Broken bones and burns are also quite common. The spinal cord may get injured leading to paralysis. A wrongful death may occur due to the severity of the incident.

The possibilities are numerous and all harrowing to the core!

Your personal injury attorney will be able to get you compensated for your property damage, other economic losses, and non-financial damages suffered in a crash caused by truck driver fatigue or any of the causes listed above.

Wright & Gray Can Help You Get Compensated For Damages Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue

Traffic accidents are all tragic, but the types of accidents also matter as they affect the types of damages incurred upon the victim. If your accident was caused by truck driver fatigue, you need to hold the party liable for your damages accountable for your losses, and our experienced truck accident attorney team will help you do just that. Our Louisiana personal injury lawyers are highly competent and always eager to help you.

You can book an appointment with an experienced truck accident lawyer from our firm, discuss your 18-wheeler accident case during the initial consultation session, and then decide on how to proceed next. We will help you secure maximum compensation for your losses without demanding any payment upfront since we work on a contingency fee basis.

We’re eager to hear your story!

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