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Dog Bite Injury Claims

You may want to contact a lawyer so they can help you with your case and keep you protected. It’s important to remember that each situation is different, so it’s best to be prepared and knowledgeable of your legal rights If you’ve been bitten by a dog and need medical treatment, you probably have some questions about filing a personal injury claim. You may have gotten legal guidance from your homeowners insurance before or maybe not, but it’s always important to get the appropriate help for this type of situation. Corporate injury lawyers can help you find the necessary proof to present your case. The decision of whether or not they should be hired is always up to you, so consider what other benefits they could offer when weighing their options.

If you’ve been the victim of an attack suing them can be arduous and also sometimes unsuccessful (depending on the case), Wright & Gray Group is here to help. Their experience with this method of convincing clients means they’re able to offer compensation based on their judgement, as well as winning your case.

Determining Liability

Personal injury attorneys look for who was at fault in the case of past bite injuries to help understand what legal options a person has with their physical injury.

In any injury case, liability refers to an individual or organization having a duty of care to another person or organization. Most individuals who get bitten by a dog will seek to prove liability by showing that the dog’s owner knew that it was dangerous and did nothing about it. If your animal bites you and the person responsible isn’t able to be found, there are options available for having them held responsible and getting compensation from them. You may also get reimbursed for any future medical expenses that arise as a result of the bite. If a lawsuit is brought as a result of negligence, there are some things to consider. You’ll want to work with a professional before you do anything else. An experienced attorney or law firm can help guide you through the process and offer guidance on what the best legal options are for your case when it’s time to file suit. Safety is one of the most important aspects of all organizations. Policies and rules can provide legal protection here, and in addition to that, are required for all companies. There are a wide variety of policies companies need to abide by depending on what state or country they’re in, but we’ll discuss those further down in this section.

The many ways in which one can prove negligence are:

  • The owner needs to take reasonable care to control the dog’s behavior, as they’re a domestic animal that can run away.
  • The owner failed to take necessary measures to care for the patient properly.
  • This lapse led to the injury.

Depending on the locale, judges and juries may look at other incidents surrounding the injury to see if the owner of a residential property could have done something like installing better security measures, such as fencing. If an animal attacked a resident of that same household, that’s an example of one instance when an owner should be legally required to take precautions in order to avoid tragic injuries.

What Constitutes Reasonable Care?

Dogs are always supervised, so it’s safe for your family. Some examples of care exercised in our facility include:

  • Signs, Chains, and Fences: Any sign that says “Beware of Dog” on your property would typically be enough to show that you clearly care about your animal and where it’s going.
  • The Dog’s History: If the person’s dog has a history of being aggressive, this may affect what they see as reasonable in the case. If there’s a history of negligence with their dog, then that would be a liability that the legal court would take into consideration.
  • The Dog’s Breed:The court considers the traits of a dog to be a significant factor when determining what is reasonable.
  • Owner’s Violation: If the bite was the result of negligence on the part of one party, they may be held liable.

Strict Liability Statute

Shreveport has strict liability laws that allow people to bring a case against negligent parties if they are bitten by an unprovoked dog. If you’re looking for a settlement in Louisiana, you can still pursue negligence, but strict liability might be the better option because of how low the burden of proof is. It’s important to note that this bite statute doesn’t apply if the injured individual provoked the dog. As far as damages are concerned there is no responsibility from the owner at that point.

Dog Bite Injuries

In the event of an animal attack, one must seek medical attention right away. You would want to take someone who is bite victims to the ER depending on the severity of the injuries they sustain. Dogs can cause serious injuries, sometimes even fatal. These injuries include bite wounds, puncture wounds, nerve damage, and other types of bodily damage. If a person is bitten on their leg, it may be possible for them to walk afterward

It’s important to know what constitutes a permanent injury, which can impact how much compensation you’ll get. If the damages are less than your medical expenses, the personal injury company may not have a leg to stand on and will have no legal ground for their claim. Compensation will compensate for the damages and medical bills related to the incident. It might also require documentation from medical care and possibly a police report if one was made. When someone’s injuries require ongoing treatment, the owner may also have to pay for that care. Additionally, they’re required to evaluate compensation in terms of financial losses that may arise due to the injury or incapability of working. If the incident goes to trial, and they find the owner responsible, they may also levy punitive damages. These economic damages might want to right the wrongs of the liable parties.

A dog bite is a traumatizing experience. While it may not immediately be noticeable, many people who have experienced these attacks will go on to develop mental conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or major depression. These animals are often viewed as sources of love and protection, but they can do immense harm when they attack. Experiencing a vicious dog attack can be emotionally overwhelming. These types of attacks are not common, but any attack can change the rest of a victim’s life. It’s important to remember that these injuries don’t just leave physical impairment behind as a reminder of their occurrence.

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Getting a Lawyer Is Not the Same as Taking Someone to Court

As soon as an accident happened and brought your injury to the attention of a law firm, they will undertake your interests in order to figure out how to proceed. There is still a chance that they could win or settle out of court with you. If you plan on hiring a lawyer, consider how much experience they’ve had in negotiating with the negligent party and what kind of threat their law will apply to them. If your attorney can’t provide you with the help you need, you can ask for legal guidance from your insurance company. Make sure you are telling the truth by providing any, and all, information needed to prove that. In the case of a false accusation, documents can be provided to make sure the defendant doesn’t try their luck with another crime. Data-filtering software helps make sure that people caught skipping assignments won’t just get slapped on the wrist, but they’ll also discourage them from repeating their misconduct in the future.

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