5 Common Truck Accident Claim Mistakes to Avoid in Lafayette, LA

Feb 24, 2023

In 2020, the National Safety Council released statistics showing that large truck crashes caused 147,000 injuries. A truck accident injury is painful, mentally and physically. Rectifying the situation can be exhausting, especially as you navigate the claim filing process with the insurance company.

Any truck accident claim mistakes can cause you further harm in terms of the possibility of nonpayment for what they owe you. Do not let that happen to you. Here are a few key things you must avoid following a truck accident.

1. Postponing Medical Care

Unfortunately, it is all too common for people who experience a truck accident injury to walk away from the scene saying they are okay. Later, however, the same injured party will seek medical attention. Don’t wait.

Understandably, a truck accident is jarring, so you are not thinking clearly. Also, you may have a truck accident injury that is not apparent, such as internal bleeding or a concussion. Waiting can cause you more long-term damage.

For the insurance company, waiting to get medical treatment may make them challenge the credibility of the injury. They may claim it is not as serious as you say, so they will not compensate. When you are in a truck accident, seek medical help right away.

2. Failing to Collect Evidence

While you are feeling the adrenaline rush following a truck collision, there will come a time that you will need truck accident claim documents. A key part to include is any evidence you have.

Gather what you can from the truck accident scene. If you cannot collect evidence due to truck accident injuries, ask someone to help you. Then, give all your evidence to an experienced truck accident lawyer.

3. Not Getting a Police Report

This can have a negative impact on personal injury. The police report confirms that the truck accident occurred and how it happened. When you cannot get a police report, the insurance company can argue that you played a role in the accident.

Following a truck accident, always call 911.

4. Speaking With the Insurance Company

Never agree to sign anything from the insurance company without consulting a truck accident lawyer first. Insurance companies could ask you to sign a “blanket” agreement which would allow them access to all your medical records. Some of your private medical information could be something they use against you.

Likewise, if they want you to give a recorded statement, don’t do it. Anything you share during a tape-recording conversation could be used against you later.

5. Missing the Claim Filing Deadline

There is a specific claim filing process for every insurance company. You want to ensure that you get it all down to a tee so that you do not leave an inch for the insurance to give a reason not to compensate you. Make sure you comply with all their deadlines and let an experienced attorney help you achieve this.

Truck Accident Claim Mistakes

Accidents happen, and they are never fair. To move forward, you must receive the compensation they owe you for your accident and injury.

Do not fall victim to these common truck accident claim mistakes. Wright & Gray can help. For the community, and you, they will fight for the win.

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