Common Car Accident Lawsuit Mistakes in Memphis and How to Avoid Them

May 30, 2023

car accident lawsuit mistakes

Did you know that distracted driving affects nearly 30% of Tennessee drivers? With so many people on the road, it’s easy to understand why you should prepare for a car accident. Understanding how to avoid car accident lawsuit mistakes is vital to that preparation.

If you’re worried about a car accident in Memphis, we’re here to help. Read on to learn some mistakes you should do your best to avoid.


One of the worst things you can do regarding a car accident lawsuit is hesitate.

Does your accident require a lawsuit? Should you wait and see if things will blow over?

Part of why people frequently hesitate is because of the stress of a lawsuit. Many drivers wait and see what happens instead of facing the problem head-on.

You should remain proactive and aggressive in a lawsuit. Get things done as soon as possible, and never procrastinate!

Going It Alone

Another significant mistake is people assuming they don’t need a lawyer or representative. Many are concerned about the high cost of hiring a lawyer.

However, you can often find an affordable and reputable lawyer near your budget. Your lawyer will help you understand the laws around your case and help settle the situation.

Having a professional with you will make everything less stressful. Your lawyer knows how to handle the case and can help care for most things.

Not Calling the Police

When an accident occurs, the first thing most want to do is call the police. Some drivers dislike this and will instead try to convince you not to. They may offer money or insist that the damage isn’t intense enough for the police to come.

Calling the police ensures there will be a police report on the accident. You can then use this report in court or with your insurance company.

Not having a police report will make this situation much more difficult. You may struggle to prove that the accident occurred or that the other driver was involved. Without any car accident injury evidence, how can you prove their involvement?

If you sought medical attention afterward, a police report is often required by your health insurance. Ultimately, there are no downsides to receiving a police report, while it can prove to be your most helpful document.

As such, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the police during an accident. While there are tiny fender-benders that may not require a police report, anything above such a collision should have one.

Common Car Accident Lawsuit Mistakes

The most common car accident lawsuit mistakes are often avoidable with professional counsel.

After your accident, you should contact law professionals to have their help during your lawsuit. A great lawyer can help you receive compensation for your injuries so that you can recover as fast as possible.

For more information on how to handle your car collision lawsuit, be sure to contact us.

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