David v. Goliath: Improving Big Rig and Bus Safety

Oct 25, 2016

If you have ever seen a long line of stopped traffic on an interstate, you may have noticed the sheer number of big rigs in the line. We see them in motion all the time, but when traffic stops, it becomes obvious that the number of these gigantic trucks is substantial.

Working behind the scenes of the trucking industry is a web of state and federal regulators. Some private organizations dedicated to safe travel are also involved.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CSVA) is a non-profit organization that promotes large truck and bus safety. It considers issues that impact safety and offers guidance to industry and government policy-makers.

The CSVA has offered various ways to improve safety in the movement of large trucks on the nation’s highways.  For example, as lawmakers consider increasing truck size and weight limits, the CSVA advises that there must be scientific evidence that it will not be unsafe. The group believes that higher safety standards should come with higher size and weight allowances.

The CVSA also opposes actions by Congress to exempt some types of commercial vehicles from motor carrier safety regulations. There is a process in place for companies to apply for exemptions from rules. The CVSA argues that Congress does not need exceptions. When it does, that usually means industry lobbyists are trying to get around safety regulations.

An example of an exemption that the CSVA opposes is one that says passenger buses are exempt from roadside inspections or from weighing. These prohibitions could allow bus companies to run unsafe buses, use unsafe drivers, and drive with too much weight. All of this could hurt not only bus riders but also drivers and passengers in nearby cars.

Preventing wrecks using technology is another area in which the CSVA has taken interest. The CVSA supports new laws that encourage using technology to prevent crashes. This includes systems that warn drivers they’re about to crash, that they’ve left their lane of traffic, or that they’re travelling too fast.

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