Don’t Tell Them What to Do: Work with Teens to Reduce Crashes

Nov 28, 2016

What do you think kills and injures more teenagers than anything else? If you said “car wrecks,” you’re right. About one-third of teen deaths happen in car crashes. And while the youngest drivers have the highest crash rates, “drivers under the age of 20 have crash rates nearly four times higher than older drivers.”

Statistics like these have parents and safety professionals worried. Everyone wants to prevent teen deaths and injuries in car crashes, but teens may not listen to what others have to say.

If you have ever parented a teenager, you know that teens are all about testing boundaries and showing independence. Parenting this age group can be challenging, as teens like to do things on their own and learn things their own way.

Teenagers will be adults soon. They need to be encouraged to think independently and to become independent. But these qualities that move teenagers toward adulthood can make them a difficult audience.

It is important that teenagers understand the risks involved in driving and why the laws and rules are what they are. The Governors Highway Safety Association recommends that teens learn better when they play a meaningful role in learning about driving.

Here are some ideas about how to help your teen “buy into” driving safety:

  • Have your teenager make up a contract with you that makes driving expectations clear.
  • Encourage your teen to participate in or start safe driving campaigns at school.
  • Ask your teen to educate you about safe driving, such as avoiding distracted and impaired driving.

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