How Can a New Orleans Brain Injury Attorney Help?

Jul 15, 2022

If you suffered a brain injury after an accident caused by somebody else’s negligence, consider seeking legal advice from a trusted New Orleans brain injury attorney on financial compensation. At Wright & Gray, our qualified attorneys can offer much-needed legal assistance in complicated cases such as these. We got you covered, from filing paperwork, insurance claim negotiations, and medical records compilation. We pride ourselves on working hard to obtain fair compensation for our clients.

Traumatic brain injuries, also referred to as TBIs, are one of the leading causes of disability and death globally. According to a 2021 report from the Brain Injury Association of America, approximately 2.8 million people suffer from TBI annually. According to these statistics, about 280,000 survivors require hospitalization, with about 50,000 cases reported as catastrophic injuries. Ultimately, traumatic brain injury cases lead to roughly 155 deaths daily. On the other hand, the enormous medical expenses associated with a permanent injury can be a nightmare for most people. 

But first, let’s discuss traumatic brain injuries and how a New Orleans brain injury attorney may be able to help in your case.

What are the Different Levels of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Brain damage occurs due to an external force such as a violent blow, fall, or gunshot. Other causes include shaken baby syndrome caused by violent shaking of infants, anesthesia errors, and birth injuries. There are four types of damage to the brain:

  • Anoxic brain damage: Also referred to as ABD, it is an injury to the brain caused by lack of oxygen. Human brain cells can only survive for four minutes without oxygen.
  • Concussion: Effects of concussions are often temporary but may include memory loss, headaches, and loss of coordination.
  • Contusion: Bruises on the brain from direct trauma to the inner part of the skull.
  • Penetrating injury: happens when a significant impact on the head causes the skull to crash or slam on each other.

Any form of head injury can cause skull fractures, blood clots, hemorrhage, hypoxia (lack of oxygen), hydrocephalus (build-up of fluid), or cerebral edema (build-up of pressure). These may influence several functions in the human body like thinking, emotions, speech, and sensations. Whether minor or major, these injuries can significantly affect the quality of life, with some survivors requiring lifelong support.

Altogether, immediate medical care is critical in preventing long-term symptoms like loss of consciousness, amnesia, confusion, persistent headache, seizures, paralysis, and memory problems. 

What Kind of Settlement Can You Get for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Receiving a fair settlement is a complex process. Depending on the victim’s preference, you can seek settlement from the at-fault party or their insurance company, or you can bring your case to court. Jury verdicts are often on a non-confidential basis and can be made public. However, private settlements may remain confidential, making it nearly impossible to determine the average amount of money spent on brain injuries in New Orleans and across the world.

jury verdict analysis done in 2020 indicates that America’s verdict for brain injury accumulates to approximately $1,400,000. Brain injury settlements go up depending on the severity of the damage. Mild injury settlements usually range around $1,000,000, while severe ones can exceed $10,000,000. In most cases, verdicts attract higher figures compared to settlements.

However, several factors determine the compensation figure an injured person takes home. Some factors in a TBI case include the severity of injuries sustained, cost of medical attention, future medical costs for ongoing treatment, loss of earning capacity if your injury affects your ability to work, and many more. No two cases are exactly the same, and thus the compensation amount will vary from case to case.

Keep in mind that a New Orleans brain injury attorney will seek a fair settlement based on the category of injuries and emotional damage involved in your particular case.

How can a Brain Injury Attorney Help?

Following the correct legal process to represent you is one benefit of working with an experienced attorney. Our New Orleans brain injury attorneys take time to analyze the specific details of brain damage cases and will seek fair compensation for as many factors as possible.

Compiling the correct information is critical in winning a case. A New Orleans brain injury attorney will help you gather necessary records on medical bills, severe internal injuries, physical symptoms, and negligent parties to build a strong case.

Moreover, a lawyer should advise you on the specifics of your injury and statute of limitations. In Louisiana, the statute of limitations for brain damage is often one year after the injury date. Remember that each injury from bruises to TBIs count as damage caused by the at-fault person. The role of a brain injury attorney is to consider everything and confirm whether the evidence is enough to file a successful claim.

Soon after, the law firm sends a letter to the defendant or the insurance company on the issue. Unknown to most people, a demand letter is crucial in the compensation process. After all, it explains the side of your story and the losses incurred by the injury. With lawsuits taking ages to resolve, a New Orleans brain damage attorney may prefer to settle the case out of court. Whatever the case, a dependable lawyer should guide you on the best route.

Choosing the Right New Orleans Brain Injury Attorney for your Case

When it comes to pursuing compensation for a brain injury, an experienced attorney can be helpful in recovering fair compensation. However, getting the right New Orleans brain injury attorney for the job can be a difficult and daunting task. You want to pick somebody with the prowess and resources your case demands.

The qualified team at Wright & Gray has tremendous experience in brain injury settlements. Please book an appointment with one of our attorneys for prompt service. Schedule a free assessment through the contact form or call our direct line at 888-912-4944.

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