How to Choose the Right Car Accident Attorney for Your Case in Lake Charles, LA

Apr 25, 2023

Every day, over 90 people die in car accidents. Each year, three million people in the US sustain car accident injuries, while two million develop permanent injuries. If you’re ever in a car accident, call a Lake Charles, LA car accident attorney right away.

With their help, you can seek compensation to cover your losses.

Not sure how to choose the best personal injury attorney for your auto accident case? Read on for the tips you need for an effective search today. 


There are over 179,500 personal injury lawyers and attorneys in the US. Some have worked in the industry for years, while some are taking on their first cases. Before choosing a personal injury lawyer, determine how long they’ve practiced.

Confirm they have an up-to-date license by checking Louisiana’s bar association website. Consider how long they’ve practiced locally, as laws can vary based on where a case is filed.

Finding a car accident lawyer with years of experience in the industry can speak to their abilities. They’ve likely gained a reputation within that time, too. 

To assess each lawyer’s experience, ask:

  • How long have you practiced personal injury law?
  • How many auto accident cases have you handled?
  • Who will handle my case?

Make sure the lawyer you’re speaking with is the one who will lead your case, and make sure you know who your point of contact will be at the firm.


Confirm each auto accident attorney you speak with has the expertise necessary to win your case. Ask:

  • How many personal injury claims have you handled?
  • How many auto accident claims have you handled?
  • What types of damages might I expect?
  • Do you expect potential issues with my case?

Make sure the lawyer understands the laws and procedures relevant to your case, too. Learn about their case history to confirm they have a strong track record of wins. Consider how much they were able to win for their clients in each case.


An experienced lawyer should have resources they can use to strengthen your accident claim.

For example, they might call a medical expert to discuss your injuries or a private investigator to gather evidence. 


Ask each personal injury attorney about their fee structure. Prioritize finding lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis.

These attorneys will only expect payment if they win compensation on your behalf. You’ll pay for their legal fees based on a percentage of your winnings.  

Find the Best Car Accident Attorney in Lake Charles, LA

Don’t hire an inexperienced car accident attorney in Lake Charles, LA. Instead, use these tips to find a lawyer with the necessary expertise and a winning track record. With their help, you can seek compensation to cover your losses. 

File your case with an experienced lawyer at your side today.

Want to get started? Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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