How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact Personal Injury Law?

Sep 19, 2016

The Google self-driving car has captured America’s (and my own!) imagination. The media is replete with references to all the benefits autonomous vehicles offer. We will be able to work or play on the road and be dropped off at the front doors of our destinations. There will be fewer accidents, and mobility will improve for the elderly and the disabled. All good things, right?

But did you ever stop to think about how autonomous and connected vehicle technology will affect the American system of liability? As our cars take over more and more functions, who will pay in the event of an accident? The debate is ongoing.

Some believe liability will shift from car owners and “drivers” to car manufacturers. This could delay society’s progress toward automated vehicles, as manufacturers require consumer education and warnings to mitigate their responsibility.

Others hope that our liability system will remain largely unchanged. In this model, the judicial focus would continue to be on whether the various parties acted with reasonable care.

Truth be told, we will all watch this unfold together. Judges must wait until the facts of a real case are before them to make decisions. While we at Gray Law Group are a few years away from having to deal with these types of cases, it’s fascinating to think about how autonomous vehicles will change the way we practice personal injury law in the future.

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