Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Following a Car Accident

Jul 24, 2019

Every personal injury victim will benefit from being proactive and asking their several highly-specific questions of their doctor after the incident.  Listen closely to this medical professional’s responses. His or her insight really will ameliorate your recovery, help you return to work, enjoy life and obtain the money necessary to cover the litany of costs stemming from the accident. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the best questions to ask your doctor after a personal injury accident in or around New Orleans.

What, exactly, is injured?

Though you will likely feel significant pain in one or more body sites after your auto accident, you might not understand the extent of your injuries.  As an example, x-rays might reveal several fractured fingers even though only one finger hurts. You might have a hairline fracture in your leg yet not know of it until you are thoroughly evaluated.  Let the doctor document your injuries in-depth, provide the medical records to your personal injury attorney and it will be that much easier to prove the full extent of your injuries, pain and suffering.  

How will the injuries affect my future?

Significant injuries have the potential to create a lifetime of medical expenses.  You should not have to pay for medication, durable medical equipment, office visits with medical professionals or any other medical costs tied to the injuries you suffered in the accident.  However, it will be difficult to determine the aggregate cost of medical treatment if you do not understand the extent of your injuries and how those injuries will shape your future.

Will I be able to return to work?

If your doctor determines the injuries stemming from the accident will prevent you from returning to work, you deserve compensation for lost wages and diminished working capacity.  Unfortunately, opposing counsel will insist you can return to work unless an experienced and respected New Orleans medical professional states otherwise. Be sure to get the doctor’s opinion in writing with a signature and the date noted.

How did the injuries occur?

Though the answer to this question is glaringly obvious to you, it is not so clear to those who did not witness the accident.  You need a respected doctor’s professional analysis of your injuries to have any hope of establishing a causal relationship between the accident and your pain.  Unfortunately, plenty of New Orleanians have attempted to claim a prior injury or condition is actually the result of the auto accident or other personal injury incident.  If your attorney can provide medical evidence proving this causal relationship exists, opposing counsel will likely roll out quite the attractive settlement offer.

Will physical or mental therapy be necessary?

Medical damages are not limited to the cost of durable medical equipment, prescription medications or visits with the doctor.  If a medical professional determines you will require physical therapy to fully recuperate, you should not have to pay a single penny for these sessions.  Do not agree to settle your claim until you are absolutely certain of all of the potential costs necessary to rebuild your body. If the accident traumatized you, it might even be possible to obtain compensation for counseling sessions with a professional mental therapist in the greater New Orleans area.  

How long will the pain last?

The at-fault party should have to pay for medical costs related to the event as well as your pain and suffering.  Pain is important as it prevents you from living a normal life or even obtaining any enjoyment out of life. Ask your treating physician how long the pain will last.  Your attorney will use this timetable to enhance your settlement that much more.

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