What to Do if You’re Injured in an Accidental Shooting in New Orleans

Apr 7, 2021

Accidental shootings are far too common. And while the individual who hurt you didn’t mean to do so, they could still face serious penalties for their mistake, and you are still left facing the consequences of their actions.

Wright Gray New Orleans personal injury attorneys are experienced in helping gunshot victims seek restitution after both intentional and accidental shootings.

If you suffer an accidental shooting, you’re likely to be surprised and startled. It’s a good idea to know the proper steps to take after an accidental shooting to ensure your wellbeing. Gunshot wounds – even when accidental – tend to be challenging for victims to heal from. The best recommendation is to seek immediate medical attention and follow all guidance from your medical professional. 

Here’s a look at the important steps you should take following an accidental shooting.

  • Seek medical attention: Because guns can inflict fast and serious harm, victims need medical attention immediately. Do not delay calling 911 because you feel bad about the gun owner or holder facing charges. Instead, focus on your well-being first to minimize the damage to your body and ensure a proper healing process.
  • File a report: Contact local law enforcement as soon as you can do so. Fill out a police report that documents the incident details. You want to do this as soon you’re physically able to because the details about the incident will be fresh in your mind.
  • Speak with a personal injury attorney: Even if you know the person who handled the gun improperly that harmed you, you must discuss the incident with a personal injury attorney. The team of New Orleans attorneys at Wright Gray Personal Injury Firm knows that these accidents can be challenging situations for both victims and the at-fault party. We’ll give your case the care it deserves.

When you think about shooting incidents, you probably think about intentional acts where one person shoots another on purpose. And while this does happen, with unfortunate frequency in New Orleans, accidental injuries can be as serious as intentional gunshot injuries. 

Here’s a look at some of the causes of accidental gun accidents and who might be at fault in these cases.

  • User error: Guns are complex devices. Without proper training and constant awareness of proper handling technique, a user can mistakenly shoot a gun. Gun owners also have a responsibility to secure their guns to keep children from discovering them and accidentally harming themselves or another individual. No one should handle a gun recklessly because this could lead to accidental injuries.
  • Malfunction: When a gun doesn’t operate the way it should, the result can be devastating. All components must be operating properly to prevent malfunctions. One type of malfunction is when a bullet is not fully discharged from the weapon. Then, a subsequent shot could hit that lodged bullet and lead it to take a different trajectory than the user would expect, which can lead to serious injury. Malfunctions could be due to improper assembly or care, which would be the owner or user’s fault. Or there could be a structural issue, which the manufacturer overlooked, making that company at fault.
  • Hunting accidents: Hunting is a popular recreational use of a firearm. But even though the targets are animals, improper care or handling of a gun while hunting can lead to serious gun accidents. One example of this is if a hunter is carrying a gun carelessly. Another example could be if a hunter is unaware of his or her surroundings before discharging a weapon and doesn’t realize that humans are nearby the animal they are aiming at.

Depending on the circumstances, three main parties could be at-fault for an accidental shooting.

  1. The gun owner 
  2. The gun operator
  3. The gun manufacturer

If You Are a Victim of Accidental Shooting, Contact a New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney

It’s a good idea to discuss your case with an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney before assuming who is at fault. Your attorney will walk you through recalling the accident details to better understand your case. Wright Gray New Orleans personal injury attorneys will guide you through the aftermath of an accidental shooting. Our team will explain your rights and ensure you take the proper next steps to protect your financial well-being and ability to file a lawsuit if you choose to do so.

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