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When you are injured on someone else’s property, it can be difficult to know the legal implications. They have been added time and time again with updated legislation to keep pace with the technology.


Property owners must ensure the safety of all their tenants and visitors. For example, they cannot have faulty wiring or electricity that is dangerous to use. Customers and employees should be able to enter a business without worrying about the safety of their well-being. However, this isn’t always the case. In many situations–like stairwells or elevators dangerous conditions may lead to injury. In such a case, you should contact a lawyer that specializes in premises liability.

Premises liability is personal injury law which can help with individuals injured on property that was not their fault, such as an apartment complex. The most common cause of property-related injuries is when the property owner neglects to take proper care of his or her properties.

Personal injury cases are not an exception when it comes to negligence, and premises liability cases in particular. The injured party must prove that the property owner was negligent in at least 2 of the 3 areas: ownership, maintenance, and design. In this legal definition, negligent owners are the ones who did not make use of reasonable care in connection with their property

You should always be careful when choosing to exercise your legal rights if possible, and be aware that just because you were injured on someone’s property does not always imply that the property owner was negligent. Simply because the home might have been in a risky condition does not necessarily mean that their negligence caused an accident. A landlord must show that they knew the property was unsafe, yet still declined to do anything about it. This includes taking the necessary steps and making changes, in order to make sure the problem is fixed. This shows that they are negligent.

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What Kinds of Premises Liability Lawsuits Are There?

The two main types of premises liability claims are those involving hazards or those involving a violation of safety codes. Having a property ready for business is a responsibility, which means working to maintain safe conditions is important. It is important to have contingencies in place for when a staircase may be broken. You can make sure that someone does not fall using stairs if you do not mind the time and effort. Warning signs make it easier for a reasonable person to know the potential danger

Premises liability accidents cause as many as 30 million emergency room visits per year according to the CDC. Owners of grocery stores or office buildings could be subject to these types of claims. Business owners should take precautions and make sure they are protected against this kind of claim. There are a number of common premises liability cases that most Shreveport property liability lawyers will encounter:

  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Negligent Security
  • Water Leaks or Flooding leading to Inundation
  • Apartment Complexes who have damages/non working escalators or elevators will be liable for any repair costs incurred in the building.
  • Snow and Ice Hazards
  • Defective Sidewalks

It’s important to wear the appropriate foot and work shoes when navigating slippery surfaces because these surfaces can be hazardous and lead to slips, falls, and other injuries.

  • Dog Bite Attacks
  • Toxic Fumes
  • Stair, patio, balcony or porch collapse
  • Boring and uninteresting content

When people are injured at work, the risk of harm is significant. An experienced premises liability attorney will help a client get their deserved settlement by ensuring that they don’t overstep at any point in the process or cause further physical or emotional distress. Because many of these businesses have insurance, you might need to deal with their insurance companies instead of the business or building owner themselves. Even so, establishing the potential for injury is a significant portion of what premises liability law exists for.

How are Premises Liability Lawyers Useful?

If an issue arises with someone’s property, such as a robbery or injury, you should seek the proper redress. As the injured party below, your first step should be to consult an attorney. However, if you win the case and it goes to trial, you’ll need to prove that the owner of the property was liable for their negligence through convincing arguments and evidence. As with many of the situations that you encounter, there are two angles to the issue and the liability at hand. If a floor is freshly mopped and someone slips, they could be liable for damages depending on how visible or hidden signs of moisture were and whether or not one had incidentally slipped in that state.

The first step in proving fault begins with both parties knowing the hazard existed.It’s important to take into account that the color of a hazard, or the location in which it is located may not always be apparent. There are some hazards that may only be visible after you have moved things or otherwise interacted with them so careful planning is required before undertaking any work. A premises liability claim is filed when the injuries sustained were caused by someone who intentionally put you in a hazardous situation. This means that the plaintiff in this case must have not willingly done anything to put themselves in danger. In more general- sized terms, being aware of safety hazards and using caution is imperative for avoiding potential lawsuits. This part of the policy would not apply if you didn’t know about the hazard when you got hurt. They may not cover your injuries either because, had it been their fault, they probably wouldn’t have covered your incident. Finally, you can use this as evidence that the owner must have had a duty of care toward visitors before your visit. To help you through the contract drafting process, attorneys offer tips and suggestions for creating a clear and concise document.

Being completely prepared for the legal process can be difficult, so it’s best to consult with an attorney first. There are situations when you will have to deal with the client directly if he or she comes into contact with a personal injury case. If you are the one involved in a lawsuit, the insurance company would not be involved. It is up to you to file your lawsuit against their office because they have caused harm.

How a Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help If You Were Injured on Someone Else’s Property

Hiring a Shreveport personal injury lawyer gives you some level of support in bringing your case to a conclusion. Among the support mechanisms that these lawyers offer are:

  • Independent investigations:When you’re dealing with cases, it becomes clear that people may have different interpretations of what happened. An independent investigation can make sure the legal process is as accurate as it can be.
  • Figure Out the Circumstances: Personal injury cases have a variety of different legal implications and facts can be hard to prove. There is often no better way to present them than with an experienced personal injury lawyer present.
  • Show Liability: Is the owner liable for the injuries? The attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that liability is proven.
  • Build a case and Design a Strategy for Winning: Negotiations are an important part of any personal injury claim.
  • Be Your Counsel in Negotiations: Negotiating with insurance companies can be difficult, as they are very determined to change the legal process to suit their company. Rather than trying to negotiate on your own, consider taking out a lawyer should you need help. You might not want to go up against those legal experts as a non-specialist if you don’t know much about the law. An attorney who specializes in negotiation can advise you and help manage the process more smoothly.
  • Represent You: It is a good idea to have someone on your side when you are dealing with a court case such as this. Lawyers typically have the means necessary to make the law work on your behalf- they should be your go-to person.

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Injuries and Compensation

Wet floors can cause injury, such as spinal cord injuries. It’s not uncommon for the people who get injured on wet floors to suffer from severe brain injuries or even lifelong pain effects. Some business owners believe they have a good chance of winning their case. They may even settle out of court to avoid a long court battle. However, these owners may be misled into thinking their case can win with this assumption. Luckily, personal injury law offers a wide variety of settlements that cover multiple ways of preventing potential consequences.

A negligent property owner might be held liable for an injury to a person, and if there are long-term consequences, they would need to take care of them. Additionally, if the premises owner was found to be responsible, the owner may be subject to punitive damages.

Choosing a Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have been involved in a premises liability case where someone is responsible for your injuries, it’s important to find the best attorney to represent you. Injuries can be serious and personal – finding the right lawyer could make all the difference. For a legal firm you can trust, Wright & Gray are there for you. They have the experience, insight, knowledge to bring your case to successful completion. Contact them today for your consultation so they can set up your case.

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