The Process of Filing a Louisiana Car Accident Claim

Jan 18, 2023

Louisiana’s roads are becoming death traps. 997 Louisiana residents died in car accidents on public highways in 2021. That’s a new record for the state. 

Thousands of other drivers and passengers sustained injuries. If you get injured in Louisiana car accidents, you may feel helpless. But you get back on the road to recovery through a car accident claim. 

How can you convince your insurer that you deserve compensation? Why should you hire a lawyer before filing a claim? What are your options after you receive a compensation offer?

Answer these questions and you can find your path forward after car wrecks. Here is your quick guide.

Gather Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim

A car wreck claim requires multiple pieces of evidence. If you are claiming money for personal injuries, you should give medical documents from your doctor to your insurer. These documents can include details about psychiatric conditions that have surfaced since your accident. 

If you are claiming money for property damage, you need receipts from your garage that show how much you have paid. You can also show photographs of your damaged vehicle and personal belongings. 

Louisiana is a comparative fault state. You can claim damages for almost all accidents, but the money you can claim is reduced by how much you are at fault. If you have $100,000 in damages but you were at fault for 10% of the accident, you can only claim $90,000. 

Provide proof that you were not responsible for the collision. You may need to provide your eyewitness testimony of what happened, but you should back your version of events with other witnesses and surveillance footage.

Talk to a Lawyer

Car accident laws in Louisiana impose a one-year deadline for filing a lawsuit. Even if your insurer gives you more time to make a claim, you should try to get your claim ready within a year. 

Once you’ve left the hospital, you should call a car accident attorney in your area. Do not talk to your insurer before you get in touch with an attorney. Your lawyer can talk to the insurance adjuster and negotiate for a maximum payout with them. 

Your adjuster may want to investigate the crash. Ask your lawyer to work with them. Do not answer any questions from your adjuster without your lawyer in the room.

Evaluate Your Options

After the investigation, your insurer will give you an offer. If the offer covers your damages to your satisfaction, you can accept the money. If it doesn’t, you should tell your Louisiana car accident attorney and have them negotiate with your insurer. 

You also have the option to file a civil suit against the other driver. You should consider doing this if the other driver bore significant fault and caused major injuries. Talk to your lawyer before you begin your lawsuit.

Prepare Your Perfect Car Accident Claim 

A car accident claim is your best resource after a car wreck. To prove your claim, you need to provide authoritative documents from your doctor and garage. You should have evidence that you were not at fault for the accident. 

Hire an attorney who has extensive experience in car accident cases. Ask them to speak with your insurer and cooperate with the adjuster. Consider the compensation offer and return to the negotiating table if it is too low. 

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