3 Common Reasons for Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

Feb 14, 2023

In America, an estimated 13 car accidents occur every minute. Not all of these are fatal, but most of them cause some kind of damage.

Even the smallest car accidents become legal nightmares for the people involved. From medical expenses to criminal charges, a lot of the ways you protect yourself come down to following legal processes perfectly.

If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in a car accident, these are the three most common reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a car accident lawyer.

1. Knowledge About Insurance Coverage Available

Based on what happened during the car accident and where you were in all of it, the variety of insurance coverage and claims you can file changes. For example, if you were a passenger with a negligent driver, you can make a different set of claims than one of the drivers.

But if you don’t know what damage claims you can file, then you’re definitely not going to get the compensation you deserve.

Car accident lawyers are well-versed in the details of insurance coverage. Hiring one and outlining the car accident to them gives you the opportunity to be made aware of every option available to you. They can also represent you in filing all of these various claims.

Learn more about the legal process after car accidents.

2. Property Damage Claims

Even if no person was harmed, most car accidents involve damage to the car itself.

Insurance companies are always looking to save the money they can. This is why they tend to give lower payouts than what you actually need. They also save costs by not offering replacement vehicles to you while your car is being fixed.

Insurance companies get away with this because individuals don’t know how to fight against it. But a New Orleans lawyer with car accident expertise will be able to assist you in holding the insurance company accountable and getting you the payout you deserve.

3. Personal Injury Claims

With America’s notoriously expensive healthcare industry, it’s important that you get compensated for any injuries you sustain during a car accident.

Insurance companies try to avoid payouts for medical claims through complicated documentation processes. In cases where claims are denied, the threat of a lawsuit might be enough to convince the company to payout the claim.

The personal injury claims process is purposefully confusing, so a lot of people get it wrong if they do it themselves. When their claims are denied, they’re not particularly threatening when negotiating.

Lawyers will make sure you’re filing the claim correctly. And in a case that your claim is denied, lawyers get better results when negotiating, because they’re more likely to successfully win a lawsuit against the company.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

A car accident lawyer is an expert in the convoluted legal proceedings surrounding car accidents.

These New Orleans lawyers can guide you on the various insurance claims that you’re able to make. They can also help you secure the maximum amount of money for your property damage and personal injury claims.

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