5 Benefits of Hiring a Maritime Lawyer in New Orleans

Oct 26, 2022

If you have been injured on or near the sea, then you may want to consider hiring a maritime lawyer. Here are the benefits of this type of legal help.

Did you know that there were 2,641 recreational boating injuries in 2021? Some of the most common causes of boating accidents include drug use, alcohol consumption, and speeding. 

If you are in a boating accident or injured while working on a boat, it’s time to hire a maritime lawyer. A maritime lawyer is an attorney that specializes in law about open water. 

What are some of the benefits of hiring a maritime lawyer? Keep reading to learn why you should hire a maritime attorney for legal help. 

1. Experience with Maritime Law

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a maritime lawyer is that they have experience with maritime law. They will know all the worker compensation laws, international laws, injury laws, and navigation laws. 

They also have probably helped hundreds of clients before you, meaning they will have experience solving your case. If you hire a local lawyer, they may also know the judges in your area. 

2. Keep Track of Your Records

Another benefit of hiring a maritime lawyer is that they can keep track of your records. Whether you have a maritime injury or property damage, dealing with maritime law can be stressful. 

You will need to focus on your health, not records of your legal issues. Your lawyer can keep track of your insurance information, hospital bills, legal fees, property damage, and funeral paperwork. 

3. Advocate in Court

If your case goes to court, it can give you peace of mind to have a maritime lawyer by your side. Because maritime lawyers have experience, they will know how to argue your case. 

With a maritime lawyer, you will show up to court with someone who has done their research, knows the laws, and is ready to fight for you. 

4. Fight for Compensation

If you or your property was damaged during a boating accident, you deserve compensation for your loss. One of the main goals of a maritime lawyer is to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

To figure out how much money you are entitled to, your maritime lawyer will look at your records, laws, and details of the case. 

Because it is difficult to determine how much money an injury is worth, many people accept a low settlement from the offending party.

A maritime lawyer can discourage you from taking low settlements and get you all the money you deserve. 

5. Good Communication

Another benefit of hiring a maritime lawyer is good communication and clarification. Maritime law can be hard to understand, and the best lawyers will clarify and make sure you know what you deserve. 

When choosing a maritime lawyer, make sure you choose someone willing to answer all your questions and meet with you regularly. 

Are You Ready to Hire a Maritime Lawyer?

Hiring a maritime lawyer is a good option if you or your property was injured in a boating accident. Some of the benefits of hiring a maritime lawyer include experience, record keeping, and having an advocate in court. 

Are you ready to hire a maritime lawyer in New Orleans? If so, contact us today to get started. 

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