5 Car Accident Documents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

Dec 28, 2022

In the United States, there is an average of 6 million car accidents a year. 

If you were unfortunately in a car accident, then you should hire a car accident lawyer, but they will need some documents. 

Keep reading to discover the top car accident documents that you’ll need to win your car accident case. 

1. Copy of Car Insurance Policy

After an accident, you’ll have to have a lawyer communicate with your insurance company. They may offer you a payout, but it may not be enough to cover everything that you need. 

Your lawyer will communicate with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. They know how to manage the provides and get the compensation you need. 

However, to do that, you’ll need a copy of your policy, so the attorney knows what to ask for. 

2. Citation and Tickets

If there were any tickets or citations issued for the accident, bring those as well. You might get tickets or citations if one of the drivers was driving while texting, speeding, drinking, or driving in any unsafe way. 

Traffic tickets can also be used against you, so the lawyer should know about them so that they can decide how to create a good argument.

3. Police Reports

Police are normally the first people on the scene, and they will normally file a report about the accident. They will look at the extent of the damage and write a report.

However, police reports are very useful for lawyers when they are making a case. The report will help provide information that will help establish your case.

4. Witness Statements

Statements from witnesses who weren’t involved in the crash can also make a really strong case. You should try and gather all of the contact information so that the lawyer can contact them if they need to ask for anything.

They might need to get written statements or follow up with them about their story. It also helps when their story is consistent so that the case seems credible in front of the judge. 

5. Pay Stubs

If your car accident injuries were serious enough that you had to miss work, then a lawyer may also be able to help you get back any lost wages. 

However, you’ll need to prove how much money you normally make. If you are returning to work after an accident but are operating in a limited capacity, then you might need to bring pay stubs from before and after the accident. 

Discover More Car Accident Documents You Need to Have

These are only a few car accident documents you need to have on hand, but there are many other things you’ll want to consider to win your case.

Make sure that you choose the right lawyer for your case so that you have the best chance of winning.

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