5 Ways a New Orleans Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Oct 28, 2022

Are you trying to decide whether or not to hire a car accident lawyer for your case? This is how hiring an attorney can help you.

Did you know New Orleans Parish had over 3,000 car crashes this year? If you’re reading this guide, you may have had a car crash. You may even have mounting medical expenses. 

You want compensation, and you want it now. But do you know what to do after a car accident?  

A savvy car accident lawyer knows how to win a car crash case. So, your first step to winning is to read this guide. Understanding how the best lawyer can help you get compensation for your physical and emotional wounds is essential for healing.  

And if you’ve yet to have a car crash, give this guide a read. Your immediate actions after a car accident and knowing the five benefits of a car accident lawyer impact your winning chances. 

1. A Car Accident Lawyer Builds Your Case 

To receive just compensation, you need to understand your particular case’s challenges. Wright & Gray’s lawyers tell you what you can expect from start to finish.

Then, if you hire Wright & Gray as your car accident attorneys, the evidence is gathered for you during a period known as discovery. 

2. We Gather Evidence

Did you remember to witness statements after your car crash? Did you notify the police and your insurance provider? After a car accident, it’s best practice to get a police report and gather witness statements. 

Even if your injuries appear minor, it’s wise to seek medical attention after a car accident. Sometimes post car crash injuries occur, which might turn fatal. There are nearly 98 million visits to the emergency department, some of them from car accidents. 

But, if you didn’t seek medical attention, Wright & Gray’s car accident lawyers follow through. We gather all the witness statements, police, and medical statements. Our team manages vehicles and, if applicable, property repair estimates.

3. A Car Accident Attorney Deals with Insurance Providers    

We know that it can be intimidating dealing with your insurance provider. But you are entitled to compensation. So, when Wright & Gray is on the case, we deal with your insurance provider. 

4. Car Accident Attorneys Handle the Paperwork

Besides providing emotional support, our car accident lawyers handle your case’s paperwork. We also file them and meet all the requisite deadlines. And through it all, Wright & Gray keeps you in the loop about your case’s progress.  

5. A Car Accident Lawyer Presents Your Case  

In truth, not many personal injury cases make it to trial. Our expert car accident lawyers present the evidence during the discovery phase to help get your settlement. 

But if your case goes to trial, Wright & Gray is there to argue your case and get you compensation. Visit our car accident section for more details about what to expect in your car crash case.  

More about a Car Accident Lawyer

Your search for a car accident lawyer near me begins and ends with Wright & Gray. Our car accident lawyers have more than 60 years of experience dealing with personal injury cases. 

Besides car accidents, we are adept with motorcycle accident cases and boating accidents. Are you having issues with social security disability and nursing home abuse? Wright & Gray handles these cases and brain injuries, too.

Contact us today for the right car accident lawyer in New Orleans. And yes, we provide a free consultation. 

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