New Orleans Weather Caused Your Accident – Could You Still Be At-Fault?

New Orleans weather tends to be dramatic, unpredictable and somewhat dangerous.  We are below sea level so our community fills...
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What to do – and What Not to Do – After an Accident

The actions you take after your accident in New Orleans has the potential to shape your financial future.  Make the...
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The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid With Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

A single misstep has the potential to sabotage your personal injury lawsuit in New Orleans. This is not the type of...
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Injured at Sea? Take Note: Seaman Negligence Claims Are Easier to Prove than Most

Workers in most jobs are covered by workers’ compensation laws. These laws were passed long ago to make it easier...
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Don’t Tell Them What to Do: Work with Teens to Reduce Crashes

What do you think kills and injures more teenagers than anything else? If you said “car wrecks,” you’re right. About...
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Heads Up: Walking Can Be Dangerous in Louisiana

With the increase in the number of smartphones, it seems that everyone is trying to multitask. There has been a...
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Talking to Your Lawyer: Keep It Private!

Have you ever wondered whether things you tell your lawyer are just between the two of you? Many people who...
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Numbers Show Increase in Motorcyclist Deaths in 2015

Earlier this year, the Louisiana State Legislature considered a bill that would repeal the mandatory motorcycle helmet law. Supporters of...
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You Have to Do These Things after a Car Wreck

In every state, if you are in a car wreck, there are certain things you must do under the law....
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