Hit By an 18-Wheeler? What You Need to Know.

Feb 5, 2020

The sheer size and weight of big rigs make them especially dangerous on the road. The damage from a wreck involving an 18-wheeler can be much worse than a crash of two passenger vehicles. That’s why governments have passed many laws designed to help keep truckers safe, as well as those around them.

If you have been hit by an 18-wheeler, it is important to see an experienced New Orleans Louisiana 18 wheeler accident lawyer soon. Louisiana has a very short time period to bring a lawsuit. In most cases, it is only one year from the date of the accident. If you don’t file in that time period, you waive your right to bring the suit forever.

Lawsuits against truck drivers and trucking companies are different than those involving just passenger cars. Because of all the laws, there is much more evidence available to people injured in wrecks with big rigs. And larger insurance amounts usually mean that there is more money available to compensate those who are hurt or left behind.

An experienced trucking accident lawyer is skilled at locating and getting copies of important evidence.

  • Information about driver training and licenses;
  • Information about truck inspection and maintenance;
  • Documents to prove driver impairment, prior accidents, and prior tickets;
  • Copies of log books that show driver rest periods and drive times; and
  • Information about how the truck was loaded and how much it weighed.

Trucking accidents usually involve more parties who may be responsible for the accident. A lawyer experienced in trucking accidents can evaluate whether the following people may be liable:

  • The driver’s employer;
  • The manufacturer of the truck or a part of the truck; and
  • The business that loaded the truck.

An accident with an 18-wheeler can often be tragic, causing severe injuries and property damage. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident with a big truck, you may be entitled to money damages.

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