Can a Shooting Victim Sue the Perpetrator?

May 13, 2023

Gun violence in the United States is reaching record levels. According to the American Public Health Association, guns kill more than 38,000 people and cause around 85,000 injuries every single year. If you are a shooting victim, you may face life-long consequences and a reduction in overall quality of life.

Following a shooting incident, many people are unsure what to do and whether or not they are eligible for justice and compensation. In this blog post, we will ask whether or not a shooting victim in Louisiana can sue the perpetrator. We will also highlight what types of compensation a shooting victim may be eligible to receive.

Can a Shooting Victim Sue the Perpetrator?

As a victim of a crime in Louisiana, such as a shooting victim, there are a number of ways that a person may pursue compensation in court. The most common way to do this is by filing a civil suit with a personal injury lawyer.

It’s worth noting that it is not only the shooter you are able to file charges against in a civil action. For example, a school may be liable in a shooting incident if there was a lack of security measures against the presence of dangerous weapons on their property.

There are a number of other ways that a shooting victim can recoup damages following a shooting incident. These include the state’s Crime Victims Reparations Fund and through restitution (which are court-ordered payments by the defendant)

What Types of Compensation Can You Get?

Both economic and non-economic damages may be awarded in the form of monetary compensation following a civil lawsuit. These include both present and future medical costs, lost wages, and home care. Given that shooting incidents can result in lifelong trauma for the victim, a person may be compensated for any emotional trauma (known as pain and suffering).

In certain cases, where homicide is proven, a victim can also seek compensation for punitive damages. Punitive damages may be awarded in a case where there is sufficient proof that they acted with the intention to kill or harm.

Loss of consortium is another example of non-economic loss, which refers to the negative effect of the incident on the victim’s relationship with loved ones. In the event that the shooting victim died as a result of the incident, their family members may bring a wrongful death case against the at-fault party or parties.

Suing Someone Following a Shooting Incident

The bottom line is that if you are a shooting victim in Louisiana, you may be eligible for justice and compensation. Your best option in the aftermath of a shooting incident is to speak to a professional and experienced lawyer.

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