Can You Sue If You Slip and Fall on a Company’s Property in New Orleans?

Feb 5, 2020

Although it may not sound that bad, a slip and fall can cause severe injuries. Sometimes, the injuries are even permanent, affecting a person for the rest of his or her life. If you slip and fall on a company’s property in New Orleans, Louisiana, you can bring a lawsuit to recover money damages if the property owner was responsible for your fall. There are also other people who may be responsible for your injuries, depending on the facts of your case.

Most of the time, the lawsuit is brought against the owner of the property. Sometimes, however, the company running the business leases the land or the building from the owner. It may even be that the contractor that installed a sidewalk or parking lot is responsible. Who you sue depends on who was at fault for causing your injuries.

How New Orleans property owners and businesses that lease property cause slip and fall injuries:

  • spilling something slippery on the floor;
  • failing to clean up something slippery from the floor;
  • waxing or polishing the floor;
  • failing to patch a hole in a sidewalk or parking lot; and
  • laying slick concrete, or another substance, as a sidewalk.

Even if the property owner or business did not cause the dangerous condition, it still may be liable for your injuries.

For example, a customer may drop something on the floor in a grocery store or restaurant. If that happens, the property owner may be liable if it either:

(1) knew about the slippery item and failed to remove it or

(2) should have known about the slippery condition but did not.

If you have ever seen a company’s sign that says “Caution — slippery,” now you know why. That shows you that the company knows about a slippery condition and wants to warn its customers about it.

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