Heads Up: Walking Can Be Dangerous in Louisiana

Nov 25, 2016

With the increase in the number of smartphones, it seems that everyone is trying to multitask. There has been a lot of attention given to texting while driving. But fewer people have talked about the dangers of distracted walking or about pedestrians who are killed in accidents with cars.

When you are focused on your cell phone, you’re not paying attention. Your mind is focused on the task you are carrying out. You may even be looking down rather than watching out for cars. When you are distracted, you may miss your destination or, worse yet, wander into the path of a car.

Nearly 5,000 pedestrians were killed in accidents in 2014. The number of pedestrian deaths had steadily decreased between 1975 and 2009. Since 2009, pedestrian deaths have started to rise. In fact, they are up almost 20% since 2009. Older people are more likely to be involved in accidents with cars.

Most fatal pedestrian-car accidents happen in cities. In fact, in 2014, over 75% of pedestrians deaths were in urban areas. As you might expect, most pedestrians are killed in the evening. In 2014, about 50% of pedestrian deaths happened between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Pedestrian injuries have also increased in recent years. In 2014, over 65,000 pedestrians were hurt in accidents with cars. That’s the equivalent of one injury every eight minutes.

What can you do to stay safe while walking? Remember that “alking around traffic requires the same critical thinking skills as riding your bike and driving a car.” Postpone calls and texts until you are finished, or pull over, just as drivers do to stay safe.

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