How to Choose the Right Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

Nov 20, 2022

Slip and fall injuries can vary in terms of severity. For some, the incidents only result in a bruise or a sprained ankle. For others, they can be far more serious in nature, leading to problems such as spinal cord damage or a concussion. 

If you’ve been hurt in this way, you need a slip and fall accident lawyer. They’ll know how to manage your claim, gather key evidence, and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Choosing the right one can be challenging, especially in a city as big as New Orleans. Today, we’re sharing a few tips to help you select the right legal team for your needs. 

Ask for Recommendations

Slip and fall accidents are more common than you might think, occurring everywhere from workplaces to private residences. If you’re looking for the best slip and fall accident lawyer in your area, start by asking around!

Check with your friends, family members, and colleagues to see if they have anyone whose services they’d recommend. If you’re coming up short, take your search online. Using features like Facebook Recommendations, you can pose a question to all of your social media followers, which casts a much wider net!

Read Ratings and Reviews

Once you have a short list of candidates, take a look at their websites and check out their ratings. Often, lawyers will have a web page specially dedicated to client reviews, such as our Results page. They set this up because they want to display their great track record, and they know that positive client feedback is one of their most valuable assets.

While everyone’s experience is unique, this is a good way to gauge how your own experience might go. Look for common themes, such as remarks on prompt service, legal knowledge, and specialty expertise. 

If you can’t find any reviews on their website, you can also perform a quick Google search of the law firm’s name. This should display their Google Business profile, which usually includes feedback and ratings.

Schedule a Consultation

Sometimes, the best way to get to know a legal team is to contact them directly. When you’re looking for a slip and fall accident lawyer in New Orleans, don’t hesitate to reach out to the attorney and schedule a consultation.

These are conversations that allow you to discuss your case, learn more about the lawyer’s experience, and discern how your working relationship might go. It’s advantageous to both you and the lawyer, and it’s an important first step. During the conversation, pay attention to the way the lawyer makes you feel.

You should feel comfortable sharing about your case, and should never feel rushed or dismissed. A courteous phone manner speaks volumes about an attorney’s professionalism and expertise. Ask all of the questions you need to, and make sure you’re clear on everything before you end the call. 

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