Hurt at Work? A Personal Injury Lawyer in Lafayette, LA Can Help

Dec 10, 2022

Almost one in every three full-time workers received a recorded injury in 2020 alone. This is a huge number, and if you become a statistic then you will want a good lawyer to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation. Although, do you know what such a person would do to help you get what you deserve?

Below, we list many of the different actions that a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette, LA, would do to help you. As you read through, you should gain an understanding of why hiring a lawyer would be the best choice to make sure that you get what you deserve.

Investigating the Claim

Many personal injury lawyers are not paid unless they win. As such, you can have the assurance that they will do their due diligence to make sure that you get the best coverage possible for your injury.

They will assess your case, talking with you and others, to see if you deserve compensation. With their legal knowledge, an attorney will then have the ability to give you a fair and detailed breakdown of how they expect the claim to proceed. 

You can then receive their opinion if they believe that the workplace injury issue is worth pursuing. If not, they will be honest with you as it is in their best interest to win a case.

Looking for Evidence

An injury lawyer in Lafayette will get as much information as possible on the situation. This might include information that you do not have good access to, such as a police report or workplace incident report. They will use this evidence in any ongoing claim they attempt to make against your workplace.


Once the lawyer feels they are in a good position, they can talk to your workplace to find out more about their worker’s comp policies. They can also start a discussion with your workplace’s insurance company. This is to find the greatest amount of compensation that you should receive based on the circumstances, as they will want to get this for you.


Should letters need to go back and forth between you (or your attorney) and other people, your lawyer can do this in a legal capacity. These can explain the damages that you expect for a personal injury and demand payment.

Representation in Court

If the case goes to court, having a personal injury attorney can help you traverse the difficult bureaucracy of legal procedures. Without them, you may find yourself bogged down in red tape.

Are You Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lafayette, LA

With the above information, it should be clear why a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette, LA, might be the best person for you to hire. If you want to know more about this, you can always get in contact.

We have specialists who can take you through the early stages of seeking compensation. They will be able to discuss your circumstances and the situation that you find yourself in, guiding you in how to move forward. So, pick up the phone and call us today for more information on what to do next.

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