Introducing Down by Law with Daryl A. Gray!

Jul 14, 2021

The Wright Gray team is excited to mention a new project of Daryl’s — his new radio show & podcast, “Down by Law with Daryl A. Gray.”

What is Down by Law?

This weekly show touches on legal and business issues from an attorney’s perspective, as well as the perspective of Daryl’s various guests. He interviews people from all over the New Orleans community, discussing issues from the Jamere Alfred case to fatherhood, entrepreneurship, incarceration rates, and more. 

You can listen to the show live every Thursday morning at 9am CT on WBOK1230, stream it at, or listen to it as a podcast on your favorite podcast streaming service.

Jamere Alfred was a 14-year-old boy who was wrongfully shot and killed in front of a Walgreens in Eastern New Orleans. Daryl A. Gray is the representing lawyer for the Alfred family. In this episode, Daryl interviews Jamere’s parents, Laricha Rousell Alfred and John Alfred, about the fight for justice for Jamere’s life. They also discuss how this fight for justice will also help other youth in the city.

In this episode, Daryl has a conversation with Kevin “Kev 2 Cent” Griffin Clark about his entrepreneurial endeavors and community efforts. Kevin explains his journey as a community advocate and becoming involved with the criminal justice system. Kevin and Daryl also talk about the recent injustices concerning Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, walking us through the law and lawyers’ perspectives on both cases. In this episode, Daryl talks to successful single fathers about stigmas against Black men raising their children. He advocates for the community of Black men who raise and want better for their children. Along with the other fathers, Daryl and his guests explain their gratitude and sacrifices they make for their own children. In this week’s episode, Daryl interviews Christian Kirk, a local business consultant and journalist, about change and social injustices. Daryl also talks about the social restrictions of living while Black. The Black community is still affected by the restrictions put in place during segregation — and while it isn’t to the same extent, it still exists. Christian and Daryl also talk about Black economics, how to diversify in business, and seeking change within the Black community and economically.

In this episode, Daryl has a conversation with 2 local entrepreneurs — Kita Harry and Covonna Aguillard — about how they got their start and why they chose to be entrepreneurs.

This episode is filled with realness, business tips, and strategies for anyone looking to start a business or better their business.

Daryl also shares how his firm not only defends personal injury, but also supports business owners.

In this episode, Daryl Gray, Patrick Young, and Laricha and John Alfred talk about the updates on Jamere’s case, the “Let Me Live” rally, and new programs being implemented in New Orleans. They also discuss the efforts to get justice for cases like Jamere’s and more by effectively rallying and investigating. Daryl talks about the statistics and effects of gun violence not only in New Orleans, but also internationally.

In this week’s episode, Daryl invited Jewel Simmons Smith and Carlos D. Smith to talk about what credit means and its importance. This episode will help you understand loans and the numbers behind them. If you’re looking to understand credit, fico scores, loans, and how you should use them — this episode is for you! In this episode, Daryl talks with Tremaine Knighton Riley and Leona Tate of the Leona Tate Foundation For Change. Leona Tate is the reason schools were desegregated here in New Orleans. She was one of the first Black students to attend a formerly white-only school. She later founded The Leona Foundation to promote and enhance racial equality through education. Tremaine Knighton is the project manager of the Foundation. Daryl, Tremaine, and Leona talk about how they started the foundation and how they are working today to break the ongoing cycle of racial inequality. In this episode, Daryl talks with Tonya Batiste and Terrell Harris about real estate. This interview goes into the details and truths of home-ownership and how to buy a house in this economy. They also explain how the pandemic affected real estate. If you own a home and/or looking to become a homeowner, this episode is for you!

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