How Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Louisiana?

Mar 28, 2022

A fatal accident is quite an imminent threat associated with motorcycles in general. The fatality rate in motorcycle accidents, especially in New Orleans, is quite high. Is there something inherently unsafe about motorcycles, or is driver negligence the primary factor? The risk of death, serious property damage, and severe injuries are pronounced for motorcycle drivers involved in a Louisiana motorcycle accident.

Why is it so?

We will explore the common causes of such motorcycle deaths and crashes in Louisiana to explore how negligence on the part of someone can cause serious damage to accident victims. In any case, most victims should not shy away from seeking legal representation and fighting for their rights (unless the damage was minimal) immediately after an accident with a distracted driver.

A motorcycle attorney in New Orleans at Wright & Gray is always eager to help clients take a solid stand and demand fair compensation for their losses. Contact one of our Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys to see if we can help with your case.

For now, let’s explore the common issues with motorcycle safety.

Common Causes Of a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident

Based on the data collected by experts, some common causes of crashes involving motorcycles have been identified.

But why does this all matter?

Identifying the cause of an accident allows legal professionals to determine the liable parties during the initial consultation session. While some may press on things like whether or not the motorist was wearing protective clothing and helmet, the negligence of the at-fault injuries can never be ruled out as a major factor.

These are the common situations that can lead to a Louisiana motorcycle accident:

Issues With Motorcycle Maintenance

As with all vehicles, motorcycles also require constant maintenance and upkeep. Failing to follow through with a regular motorcycle maintenance schedule, or if the maintenance crew fails to handle the maintenance job effectively, the bike may malfunction. This can prove serious if it fails you at a dangerous junction, leading to severe motorcycle accident injuries, especially if it results in a spinal cord injury.

If the biker was not wearing a helmet, the risk of head injury will be pronounced.

Maintenance troubles can compromise braking distances and other safety features, leading to a dangerous Louisiana motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Manufacturing Defects

Motorcycles, as with passenger vehicles, are often recalled due to manufacturing defects, and sometimes, these same defects can lead to fatal motorcycle accidents if not accounted for in time. If one of these defects causes an accident, the motorcyclist must be compensated for the losses, and our Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys will see to it that this is the case.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Hazardous road conditions, especially in Louisiana, contribute significantly to the number of motorcycle crashes. Though driver distraction dominates the statistics in terms of the number of motorcycle crashes, disturbances on the road can amplify the risk by many folds. In such cases, where the government can be held liable for the damages, the statute of limitations is much shorter than otherwise. This means that you’ll have to reach out to a competent Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Shifting Lanes

Unfortunately, it is common for vehicles to change lanes in dangerous ways. This usually happens when drivers don’t check their blind spots properly. When they hit another vehicle, it deals damage but is rarely dangerous. However, motorcycles do not provide the same level of protection. This type of Louisiana motorcycle accident is very likely to lead to life-threatening cases.

Crashing Into Car Doors

While driving or parked, opening the door creates a danger to oncoming motorcycles. An open car door can easily cause an accident for motorcyclists trying to park. The damages will be even more pronounced if the motorcyclist was driving at a considerable speed.

Since such an event is highly unpredictable, there is no way for the motorcyclist to prepare for it, and the other party is clearly at fault here for endangering the biker. However, if the biker was distracted elsewhere, that can hurt their case.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is the cause of many motorcycle and car accidents, and the affected drivers are more likely to be involved or at fault in an accident. In 2019, alcohol was involved in 36.8% of fatal motorcycle accidents in Louisiana. However, if that was not the case, i.e., if it was the other party that was inebriated, then you can sue them and the party that served them alcohol beyond the serving limits for someone who has to drive afterward.

Driving On The Lane Divider

In Louisiana, lane splitting is illegal. This happens when a person, usually a motorcycle rider, rides in the middle of a two-lane divider. It is especially dangerous for inexperienced bikers, but not allowed for anyone.

How Many Motorcycle Crashes Are Reported In Louisiana?

According to data collected from all over Louisiana, motorcycles accounted for merely 0.53% of all crashes in the state in the year 2019. That’s 121 reported crashes, which is almost certainly an underreported figure; from these cases, 72 people died.

The data clearly shows that riding a motorcycle puts you at greater risk of being involved in a fatal crash in Louisiana.

Most of these motorcycle crashes involved people between the ages of 20 and 35. Surprisingly, more than 86% of motorcyclists involved in collisions were wearing helmets, which can help reduce injury and death rates. However, even with helmets on, rates of serious injury or death persist.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the majority of these accidents occur on urban roads or highways. Although highways are dangerous due to their high speeds, most wrecks do not happen there. Most motorcycle crashes in Louisiana occur in high-population parishes, such as Orleans and East Baton Rouge.

How Can You Protect Yourself After a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident?

No one should lose a loved one or be injured just because of the type of vehicle they drive. This is true whether the vehicle is a motorcycle, sedan, van, or sports car. If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident in Louisiana, you should reach out to a team of experienced Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys you can trust.

Wright & Gray’s legal team has a collective experience of decades, and we will go to all extents to represent your case before the at-fault parties. The injury victim has a ton of things to worry about, but hiring a motorcycle attorney in New Orleans should not be one of those things. An experienced Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will discuss your case with you one-on-one. After that, we’ll formulate our strategy to get you compensated for your losses, economic and otherwise.

We are always eager to help and will hear you out when you get in touch!

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