When Is the Right Time to Hire a Memphis Brain Injury Lawyer?

Feb 23, 2023

A brain injury can have a substantial negative impact on the rest of one’s life. Therefore, if that brain injury was caused by someone else, legal action is in order.

Of course, if you’re going to take legal action, you should utilize the services of an experienced brain injury lawyer. But when is the right time to hire such a lawyer?

We’re going to go into that below, helping you decide when to pursue legal action over your brain trauma.

When Your Brain Injury Was Caused By Someone Else

If your brain injury occurred as a result of someone else’s actions (or inactions, in some cases), there are grounds for a lawsuit. This constitutes the vast majority of brain injury cases.

Let’s say you suffered a brain injury in an auto collision. You might have a case against the other driver.

Maybe you slipped on someone else’s property and sustained an injury from your fall? Again, you likely have a viable lawsuit.

If you were assaulted, you undoubtedly have a viable lawsuit. This is also true in cases where you were inadvertently injured by someone.

Wondering whether your specific case is worth filing a lawsuit over? Give us a call and we’ll discuss it in detail.

When Your Symptoms Are Lasting

A bump on the head isn’t going to get you far in a court case. Your brain injury has to be substantial and lasting. Symptoms need to present themselves over the course of at least a few days.

Some of the symptoms to look out for include lightheadedness, confusion, sensitivity to light, nausea, headaches, moodiness, and disorientation. The more extreme the symptoms, the stronger your case will be. Of course, if you’re experiencing incapacitation, you undoubtedly have a case.

Regardless, if you’re experiencing symptoms, you would be wise to have yourself treated by a doctor. This way, there will be official documentation available to help your case.

As Soon as You Suspect There’s a Problem

In truth, you should hire a brain injury lawyer the second you suspect that your injury is a legitimate problem. In other words, if you think your injury is serious, you need to hire a brain injury lawyer ASAP.

The quicker you get a lawyer in the fold, the more guidance you’ll have and the better chance you’ll have at getting your medical bills paid. A lawyer can also help secure a settlement for you, helping you counteract any loss of income you suffer as a result of your injury.

Looking for a Brain Injury Lawyer?

Have you incurred a traumatic brain injury? Looking to take legal action against the person who caused it? If so and if you need a brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, look no further than Wright & Gray.

We’ve represented countless clients suffering from brain injuries, helping them to reach favorable settlements with those that caused their injuries. Reach out now to see how we can help you.

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