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Oct 24, 2016

Did you know that distracted driving was a factor in 10% of highway deaths in 2014? And because so many people hide the fact that they were distracted, many experts believe that the number is much higher. At least one major cell phone company is taking steps against distracted driving. AT&T started the “It Can Wait” campaign in 2010 to start educating people about just how bad distracted driving is.

Louisiana laws ban cell phone use while driving for all school bus drivers and most new drivers. And text messaging is banned for everyone.

But regardless of what the law says, we all know that it’s in our own best interest to avoid distracted driving. Sure, we can trick ourselves into thinking that we can pull it off, but is it really worth it?

Be honest, how many times have you checked your phone or sent a text message “just this once” or “only for a second.” How many times has your car left your lane because you did it? And how many times have you promised yourself that you were not going to do it again? After all, it could be you, your kid, or your friend that gets hurt.

This time, make it stick. The “It Can Wait” website offers a pledge you can take for free to keep yourself honest. You don’t have to be an AT&T customer to sign the pledge. also offers a free online pledge. Commit yourself to it, and encourage your family and friends to do it.

If you’re an AT&T customer, you can take it a step further. That company offers a free downloadable app for both iPhones and Androids, called AT&T DriveMode, that you activate when you’re driving. It replies to people who call you or text you to let them know that you’re not available. Parents can also use it to monitor their teens’ phone use while driving. The app can send parents a message if teens disable the app.

You don’t need a law to avoid distracted driving. You just need to do what you know is right. And remember, if you are hurt in a wreck with a distracted driver, Wright Pichon & Gray is here to help. We offer free consultations, and we will help guide you to a favorable result. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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