Why You Should Speak To a Car Accident Lawyer in New Orleans After an Accident

May 23, 2023

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Has someone seriously injured you in a car accident in New Orleans due to driving carelessly? You’re not alone.

Research shows that more than five million people suffered car accident injuries that required medical attention in the United States in 2021.

After an accident, you should reach out to a car accident lawyer in New Orleans for legal advice. Let’s explore why here.

Insurance Company Negotiations

A major reason to hire a car accident lawyer is they can help with negotiating with insurers.

Insurers are experts at denying claims or minimizing payouts. However, attorneys have extensive experience with monetary damages and insurance law. A reputable attorney knows how to get you compensation for your damages when dealing with an insurance company.

Filing Lawsuit

Let’s say the insurance company isn’t willing to settle after your car crash. In this case, you may need to file a lawsuit against the person who caused your car accident. An attorney can help with this.

The attorney will create the necessary legal documents for you to file a lawsuit. These are usually called pleadings. Then, they’ll aggressively seek the damages you’re entitled to in civil court. 

Determining Your Injuries’ Value

Another reason to hire a New Orleans car accident attorney is they’ll figure out how much money you can reasonably seek for injuries like lower back pain.

For instance, a competent personal injury lawyer won’t just help you pursue monetary damages to cover your current medical bills related to the accident. They’ll also help you seek damages for your future accident-related losses.

As an example, you may receive damages for any income you lose in the future because your injuries prevented you from returning to work right away. You might also receive compensation for any medical care you’ll need in the future.

Proving Liability

Yet another reason to hire a car accident lawyer is they can help you prove liability in your car accident case.

Proving somebody’s negligence isn’t easy. However, an experienced car crash attorney knows how to gather and present evidence to show that the other party involved in the crash caused the accident due to driver negligence. Examples of negligence include speeding or driving while texting.

An experienced attorney will make sure you receive the right amount of compensation for the damages you suffered due to the other party’s negligence. 

Hire Our Car Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

Hiring a car accident lawyer in New Orleans following a car crash can help you effectively negotiate with insurers. An attorney can also help you determine how much compensation you should seek for your injuries.

At Wright Gray Trial Lawyers, we have years of experience representing individuals who have been hurt in car crashes. We will work hard to protect your financial best interests following your crash.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and book a consultation today!

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