Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do After a Fender Bender in New Orleans

Nov 9, 2022

While a fender bender is often minor in nature, it can still lead to personal injury, property damage, and emotional distress. If you’re involved in this type of bump-up, it’s important to know the right steps to take.

Not sure where to start? It’s always smart to hire a car accident lawyer to help you navigate your case to ensure you handle everything the right way. 

Today, we’re sharing what to do immediately after the accident to optimize your outcome and get back on the road with confidence. 

1. Pull Over

If possible, make sure to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road. You’re legally obligated to stop after an accident, and you don’t want to block traffic or cause another collision. 

2. Call the Police

Next, call the police to the scene of the accident. Even if the fender bender accident is minor and the other driver offers to pay for your damages, it’s still helpful to have an official police report on record. If you decide to pursue compensation down the road, this report can serve as evidence of what happened. 

3. Check for Injuries

Once you’ve called the police, check to see if anyone in either vehicle is hurt. If they appear to be, do not attempt to move them. Doing so could put them in greater pain and make their injury worse.

Instead, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. Medical support should always be left to a trained professional. 

4. Call Your Lawyer

You might not think you need a lawyer after a fender bender, but legal protection can be incredibly helpful. This is especially true if you want to file a claim. Your lawyer can communicate with the insurance company, fight to protect your rights, and help you get the payout you deserve. 

5. Take Notes and Talk to Witnesses

Before leaving the scene, talk to any witnesses who were present during the fender bender. Get their names and contact information, and share those details with your attorney.

If possible, ask them to write down their version of events, including what happened right before the fender bender occurred. The police will also include their accounts in their official report.

In addition, remember to take pictures and videos of your car, as well as the other driver’s vehicle. If there’s any type of property damage at all, you’ll need to document it for your records. If you have any injuries, document those as well. 

Write down your own version of the accident and keep the records nearby for future reference. 

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