Law Clerk Supervisor William Sampson


- 3.5 years experience in the legal world
- 6+ years experience with medicine and brain sciences
- 10+ years experience in client service industries
- Loyola Law School expected graduation Spring, 2023
- Dartmouth College, Class of 2011
- Coursework at Edinburgh University and Harvard Extension School, 2009, 2013-15
- Published author and editor in the fields of behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and nonprofit administration.

My primary role at Wright Gray is to assist attorneys and paralegals in preparing and pursuing litigation on behalf of our clients. I also oversee and assist the other law clerks. I work closely with all the attorneys in writing petitions, answering and propounding discovery, written motions and memoranda, demand letters, and more. My favorite part of the job is coming to work with the Wright Gray team every day and meeting our amazing clients. Favorite Quote: De gustibus non disputandum est - there can be no arguments in matters of taste

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