Telewhat? Telematics: All about the Black Box in Your Car

Nov 15, 2016

Did you know that your car probably has a “black box”? When airplanes crash, there is an immediate push to locate the “black box.” Why? It contains valuable information about the flight that can help determine why a crash occurred. Flight data recorders include information about things like the time, speed, acceleration, direction, and position of the moving parts of the plane.

Similar technology is now used in passenger cars, where they are called “event data recorders,” or EDRs, for short. EDRs have evolved over the years and now consist of tiny microcomputer chips. They are usually part of a vehicle’s airbag system.

EDRs record short snippets and overwrite their data continuously. Edmunds describes the technology here:

Most event data recorders are programmed to record data in a continuous loop, writing over information again and again until a vehicle is in a front-end collision or other crash. When an accident occurs, the device automatically saves up to 5 seconds of data from immediately before, during and after an incident.

All new cars must contain EDRs that record basic information like this:

  • Speed before a crash;
  • Angle of the steering wheel;
  • Braking information;
  • Seat belt use; and
  • Airbag information.

As of the writing of this blog, Louisiana does not have any special laws that relate to black boxes in cars. However, many state legislatures are starting to pass laws that require car manufacturers to tell buyers about black boxes. This is important because the information contained in your black box is usually considered to be your information.

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