The Disadvantages of Representing Yourself in Court in Memphis, TN

Nov 1, 2022

The numbers are in and self-representation in court is on the rise. Over 76,500 people opted to represent themselves in civil cases in United States courts in 2019. Going pro se sounds like a great idea in theory, especially when you factor in the cost of hiring an attorney, but in fact, it’s not a good idea at all. 

There are many reasons why you should avoid representing yourself in court. Interested in learning why? Read on to learn all about the disadvantages of self-representation!

Your Case Could Fail

Legal cases have a ton of moving parts. To start, you need to know in which court to file your case. Whether a court has jurisdiction depends on the type of case, the location of the incident you’re litigating, and the location in which the incident occurred. 

If you don’t have a proper understanding of any of these things, then your case could get dismissed, and you’d have to start over. The same is true if you don’t format your complaint properly. This doesn’t even factor in things like statutes of limitations.

If you want to ensure that your personal injury case has the highest likelihood of success, then you need to hire an attorney. Attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the court system, and they can ensure that your court case doesn’t get dismissed on a technicality. 

You Could Lose Money 

The biggest reason that many people choose self-representation in court is that they think it’ll save them money in attorney’s fees. The truth is, if you represent yourself in court, you might actually lose money. 

First, you’ll have to pay all of your court filing fees on your own. Those fees are not cheap, and if your case gets dismissed for a technical reason, you’ll have to pay to refile your case each time. 

Lastly, coming up with a dollar value for your case is not simple. If you don’t properly value your case, you stand to lose thousands of dollars. You also won’t have the benefit of your attorney’s advice if you get a settlement offer from the opposing party.

Dealing with Insurance Companies on Your Own

One of the most frustrating aspects of representing yourself in court is that you’ll have to deal with the opposing party’s insurance company on your own. Insurance companies are stacked with high-powered attorneys who will do everything they can to undermine you and get your case thrown out. 

Dealing with the trauma of an injury is enough of a burden. Don’t let the insurance companies add to your stress. Hiring an attorney to represent you is the best way to protect yourself against them.

Think Again About Representing Yourself in Court

Representing yourself in court sounds like a great way to save money, but it’s also a great way to lose money and lose your case. Add on top of that the time and stress of doing your own legal research and navigating the court filing system, and you’ll see the incredible value of hiring a personal injury attorney. 

Are you looking for experienced legal representation for your personal injury case in Memphis, Tennessee? You’ve come to the right place. Contact Wright & Gray Law Firm today to learn how we can help you!

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