The Importance of Legal Representation in a New Orleans Court

If you're about to face a legal battle in New Orleans, it's time to consider your legal representation options. Legal...
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The Different Types of Medical Negligence in Louisiana

Have you or your loved one suffered negative health consequences at the hand of a local doctor? Do you believe that...
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The Disadvantages of Representing Yourself in Court in Memphis, TN

The numbers are in and self-representation in court is on the rise. Over 76,500 people opted to represent themselves in...
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What Are Punitive Damages?

Legally, when an individual is harmed due to another person or persons’ negligence, they are compensated for their losses. The...
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Can I Sue a Property Owner if I Got Shot at a Business?

Shooting victims often face an uphill battle with recovery due to the severity of their injuries, and unfortunately, New Orleans sees...
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Talking to Your Lawyer: Keep It Private!

Have you ever wondered whether things you tell your lawyer are just between the two of you? Many people who...
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Bad GM Ignition Switches Lead to Many Lawsuits

Automaker GM has been in the news a lot lately because of defective ignition switches. Near the end of 2014,...
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Can a Car Recall Affect My Lawsuit?

When a vehicle recall is issued, it is important to take quick action. The federal government does not issue recalls...
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Call a Lawyer Early: Lawsuits Are Not Quick

If you were in an accident and you’re thinking about bringing a lawsuit, don’t delay. Louisiana has a very short...
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