Call a Lawyer Early: Lawsuits Are Not Quick

Nov 7, 2016

If you were in an accident and you’re thinking about bringing a lawsuit, don’t delay. Louisiana has a very short time limit to file a lawsuit, and lawsuits are anything but speedy. Most of the time, someone in an accident doesn’t have the luxury of time. Your car must be fixed, you have to go to the doctor, and there are medical bills to be paid. Call a lawyer early to make sure you can protect your rights and recover money as soon as possible.

Under Louisiana law, you usually only have one year to file a lawsuit from the date of your crash. It’s important to see a lawyer soon to give the lawyer time to obtain and review evidence from other people, work with any necessary insurance companies, and prepare your lawsuit for filing. All of this has to happen before the one-year period expires.

Even after your lawsuit is filed, it can take quite a long time to recover any money. Many different factors can slow things down:

  • Investigations: The police, insurance companies, and your lawyer will all want to investigate the case. The insurance company will not make any offers until its investigation is complete.
  • Your Injuries: If your injuries are severe or if you are still seeing a doctor, your recovery will be delayed. Even if you need the money, it is usually best to wait rather than settling early. Early settlements often result in significantly less money. Also, you want to make sure that you have a good handle on your medical condition and treatment. It’s in your best interest to be able to establish the permanent effect the accident will have on your life.
  • Special Issues: Sometimes, special issues in the case can delay settlement. For example, if it is not entirely clear how the accident occurred, settlement is usually slower. Another example would be if the accident aggravated a prior injury or condition you had. In such a case, it would be more difficult to sort out how much of your condition was caused by the accident.

Lawsuits for car wrecks are best evaluated by an experienced Louisiana accident lawyer. But you have to act quickly. Claims due to accidents usually move slowly, and there is a limited time for you to file your case. To schedule a free appointment today, contact the Wright Pichon & Gray.

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