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Dec 19, 2021

With the advent of technology comes new responsibilities and challenges. Uber was founded in 2009 and entirely changed the way we look at transportation. Over 90 million people use Uber monthly, making the service highly popular throughout the United States and the world. However, with this many Uber vehicles on the roads, accidents are inevitable. Hence the ever-increasing need for Uber accident attorneys to handle injury claims due to ridesharing accidents.

At Wright Gray, we leverage our years of experience to provide quality legal counsel for our clients. Uber accidents are not uncommon. If you or a loved one were injured in an Uber or other ridesharing accident, you might be eligible for compensation. Consider contacting an experienced Uber accident attorney at 888-912-4944 to learn more about your options.

Why Is Ridesharing So Popular?

Uber alone has nearly 4 million drivers globally, making ridesharing an extremely popular industry worldwide. This industry is only set to grow, however, and having more Uber drivers on the road is likely to result in a greater number of Uber-related accidents. 

Ridesharing is increasingly popular due to its convenience. The ability to open an app on a cell phone and have a car ready and waiting, or a customer ready and waiting within minutes is tantalizing. Uber has provided new income sources for drivers and more convenient transportation options for riders. It is seemingly a win-win for all those involved.

Ridesharing has given Louisiana residents and tourists more transportation to visit locations around the state and experience activities without the stress of driving home. Moreover, the prevalence of ridesharing has also reduced the number of impaired drivers on the road. 

These are major benefits, of course, but accidents are just that: accidents. No one can prepare to be involved in an Uber accident, but there are important steps that can be followed if you are involved in one.

What Happens If I Am Involved In An Uber-Related Accident?

The ever-rising popularity of Uber begs the question of what happens after one is involved in an Uber-related accident. Who is at fault? What happens if you are an injured passenger? How do you navigate injury claims following an accident? These questions naturally arise, especially if you have experienced an injury due to an accident. 

Uber ensures that drivers are covered by $1 million dollars in liability as well as insured/uninsured motorist coverage. This means that motorists who are involved in an accident while driving for Uber may qualify for compensation. This compensation can cover medical costs, vehicle damage, lost income, and other damages following an Uber accident. Seeking representation from an Uber accident attorney can help victims understand their legal rights and obtain the compensation they deserve under the law.  

What Should I Do If I Am Involved in an Uber Accident?

If you are involved in an Uber accident, you may be overwhelmed and upset. It is important to collect pertinent information, however, as such information can greatly help your case moving forward. Some important information to collect includes: 

  • Names and contact information of everyone involved in the accident
  • Uber identification information of the Uber or ridesharing driver 
  • Photographs of the damage and/or injuries
  • Records of any phone calls to the police

This information can be vital to the success of a personal injury lawsuit, and the Uber accident attorney who is representing you will ask for this documentation. Having this information on hand can help tremendously and alleviate some of the stress involved in the aftermath of an Uber-related accident. 

Can I Receive Compensation Following an Uber Accident?

Following a ridesharing accident, it is natural to wonder if you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. The amount of compensation that an individual can receive after being involved in an Uber accident hinges largely on the severity of their losses and the type of assistance they seek. An Uber accident attorney can help those involved in Uber-related accidents possibly recover the following damages: 

  • Medical expenses, including hospital bills and rehabilitation expenses
  • Income and earnings that have been lost due to the accident
  • Reduced earning capacity as a result of the accident
  • Disability or other long-term health consequences
  • Other injury-related expenses like childcare or home help

The courts consider these damages as tangible, but there are also a few intangible damages that one may recover following an accident. Pain and suffering and loss of consortium are prime examples of these intangible damages. Whether or not a court will award such damages depends on the unique circumstances of the case and the strategy employed by the victim or the victim’s legal team.

Who Can Uber Accident Attorneys Represent?

Not all personal injury attorneys are alike. Some focus on different aspects of personal injury, such as Uber accidents. This is because the law involved in such cases is not straightforward and requires unique knowledge. Uber accident attorneys at Wright Gray can represent the following parties:

  • Uber drivers who were involved in an accident
  • Passengers of Uber rideshares who were harmed in an accident
  • Pedestrians who were struck by an Uber 

Each of these situations calls for a unique approach and individualized legal strategy. It is under this light that many individuals who were involved or harmed in an Uber accident seek legal representation. It is an unfortunate reality that many individuals who were harmed in Uber accidents face steep medical bills, loss of income, or emotional distress. In some cases, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way to recover these losses.

How Can an Uber Accident Attorney Help?

Being involved in an Uber-related accident can be stressful and leave you wondering how to move forward. This is often compounded by medical expenses and the inability to continue work, which can take a major financial toll on victims. It is for this reason that seeking legal assistance from an experienced Uber accident attorney can prove valuable. 

The experienced Uber accident attorneys at Wright Gray have years of experience in representing victims of car accidents, including Uber-related accidents. We fight for the rights of our clients and work to ensure that they receive the full compensation they deserve under the law. If you or a loved one has been involved in an Uber accident, consider seeking assistance from Wright Gray today. We are available at 888-912-4944 to answer your questions and discuss your options in greater detail. 

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