What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Oct 21, 2022

Did you know that 40% of elderly adults that live in a nursing home have reported some form of nursing home abuse? Abuse is more common than you think, and it puts elderly people at risk physically, emotionally, and in some cases, financially.

It’s crucial that you continue to read this guide and determine if you need to seek the help of a nursing home abuse lawyer to get your loved one the help they need to escape such a dangerous situation. Read on below and get ready to take matters into your hands.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse is something that happens when the people tasked with caring for the elderly begin to abuse their power and inflict harm on the people they’re overseeing. The abuse can take many forms and leave elderly adults afraid and suffering from injuries, and in the most severe cases can cause death.

Nursing home abuse occurs more in situations where nurses are:

  • Understaffed 
  • Overworked and burned out
  • Haven’t received the proper training

Nursing home abuse is 100% preventable, and when it occurs, swift action should be taken on the part of the nursing home and the family of the adult on the receiving end of the abuse.

Forms of Abuse

As mentioned previously, there are several forms of nursing home abuse, with the first being physical abuse. This is when a caretaker inflicts harm on the residents, whether in the form of kicking, pinching, or any other form of physical infliction on the adult.

Another form of abuse is sexual abuse. Elderly patients that suffer from dementia are more likely to be sexually abused because caretakers think they won’t remember what has happened.

Neglect is also a form of abuse, which is when the caretaker fails to meet the basic daily needs of the resident. This could mean denying them showers and withholding food from them.

Emotional and financial abuse can also occur, and while all of these can happen, it’s essential to understand what to do when it’s brought to your attention.

What’s Next?

When you find out your loved one is being abused, it’s essential you stop what you’re doing and contact a lawyer to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit. This is to ensure the nursing home doesn’t get away with abusing your loved one, and you also can help to save other residents that may be experiencing the same thing.

When you work with a nursing home abuse lawyer, they can ensure that the nursing home is held accountable for its actions, increasing the chances that they will take action and do something about what’s happening.

Nursing Home Abuse 101

When it comes to abuse, it’s essential you understand what it is and the different forms that can happen. Once you identify nursing home abuse, you need to contact a lawyer for help.

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