When Is It Time to Contact a Boating Accident Attorney in Louisiana?

Jan 12, 2023

According to recent statistics, boating accidents have killed more than 650 people each year. There are certain times when you need a boating accident attorney to help with your case. An attorney can protect you and your property should damage occur.

You should consider contacting a boating accident attorney when you are hurt or if the boat owner doesn’t have insurance. Getting a boating accident lawyer would be best when the boating accident settlement is low.

Here’s more about when you should hire a boating accident attorney.


You’ll need a boating accident attorney if you are hurt. The average hospital stay costs more than $2,600 per day. A boating accident lawyer can help you recoup some costs, including medical bills and lost wages. 

You could have several injuries, including broken bones, neck and back pain, and spinal cord injuries. A boating accident lawyer will sue on your behalf. 

Combined with the injury, maybe the boat’s owner wasn’t following New Orleans boating laws and was negligent. 

Does your New Orleans boating accident involve drugs or alcohol? A lawyer will ensure police follow the proper sobriety tests. 


It’s essential to have the proper insurance when operating a boat. Insurance protects you and others should there be a New Orleans boating accident. If the boat owner lacks insurance and causes an accident, it’s time for a boating accident lawyer.

No insurance is a significant problem. Who will pay the bills for the damage? You don’t want to be stuck with bills!

New Orleans boating laws say you are not required to carry boating insurance in Louisiana. However, it is recommended. Sometimes, it is necessary, such as at the time of purchase. 

Low Settlement

It’s time to secure a lawyer when your boating accident settlement is low. Perhaps you thought the dollar amount should be higher when you filed the boating accident claim. You should never accept a payment that you don’t deserve. 

Lawyers are skilled negotiators. A lawyer knows New Orleans boating laws and will see what you should receive after filing a boating accident claim. 

Injuries and lost time at work are expensive. You might not be able to work for some time, which may cause irreparable harm to your family. If you own a business, it could damage your reputation or even cause you to lose your business.

When It’s Time to Contact a Boating Accident Attorney 

Several instances when you should call a boating accident attorney include when you are hurt or when there’s a lack of insurance. After filing your claim, you may realize the settlement is too low.

A lawyer can fight for you and get you the representation you deserve. 

Should you find yourself in a boating accident, contact us today and let us help you. Our experienced lawyers know the ins and outs of Louisana boating laws. Please take advantage of our services, skilled staff, and courtroom knowledge today!

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