When Is It Time to Hire a New Orleans Injury Attorney?

Dec 6, 2022

new orleans injury attorney

What if you’ve suffered a personal injury and don’t know what to do next?

Such injuries are more common than you may think. In fact, there are over 400,000 personal injury cases each year!

If you live in New Orleans and have experienced such an injury, you may be on the fence about hiring a lawyer. How will you know when (or if) it’s time to hire a New Orleans injury attorney?

Keep reading to discover the answers!

You’re Worried About Medical Costs

There are many potential signs that you need to hire your own New Orleans injury attorney. One of the biggest signs is that you are worried about the medical costs of treating your injury.

Medical costs are very expensive, and they only get costlier every year. But if you pursue a personal injury claim, you can get a settlement to help do more than just pay for your care. In fact, you’ll be able to pay for the best possible care!

And if you’re worried about the legal costs of a good personal injury attorney, don’t worry. You only pay if you win, which is another way of saying you have nothing to lose by lawyering up.

You Don’t Have Enough Time to Focus On What Happened

If you’ve been injured and think it’s someone else’s fault, you may be tempted to try to get a settlement on your own. At the end of the day, nothing keeps you from doing just that.

However, those who try to work on their own cases often find they just don’t have enough time. It’s difficult to gather your own paperwork and make all those emails and phone calls, especially when you don’t know every aspect of the law.

When you have a New Orleans personal injury lawyer, though, you have the help of a legal expert with all the time to help you win your settlement. This allows you to breathe easy and get back to your life.

You Want to Get the Biggest Possible Settlement

Even if you have enough time and knowledge to pursue your own settlement, you may still need a personal injury attorney for a simple reason. And here it is: you want to get the largest possible settlement!

Let’s say that you get offered a settlement. Be honest: would you have any way of knowing if it was a fair offer or not? And if it’s not fair, would you know how to negotiate for something better?

Keep in mind that a good personal injury lawyer brings all their experience to your case. They know whether an offer is fair or not, and they won’t stop until you get the settlement you deserve!

Get the Best New Orleans Injury Attorney Today!

Now you know when it’s time to hire a New Orleans injury attorney. But do you know who you can trust when you need legal help?

At Wright Gray, we specialize in providing justice to New Orleans residents just like you. To see how we can get justice for your own injury case, just contact us today!

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