Where Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen in New Orleans?

Aug 30, 2022

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries. Learn more about these accidents, and how a motorcycle accident lawyer in New Orleans can help.

Everyone loves adventures and any way to add more thrill to their daily life. However, some people ride motorcycles to get to each destination because it provides a sense of freedom and excitement. Motorcycles have a lot of benefits such as convenient parking, less fuel expenditure, and the rush of the open air. But all these benefits come with a huge risk.

Riding a motorcycle isn’t the safest option because the driver is completely exposed and can easily get into an accident. When driving, we often come across careless and rash drivers who are not considerate of fellow drivers, this can result in an accident. However, when motorcycle riders get into an accident, there’s no added layer of security and they can get seriously injured.

New Orleans, Louisiana is famous for its thrilling and unforgettable biking scene as many groups of bikers can be seen roaming the streets. Although some people enjoy riding a motorcycle, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems. One motorcycle accident is enough to cause life-changing damage to anyone.

You should never wait to get in touch with a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in New Orleans.

Statistics of Motorcycle Accidents in New Orleans

There is limited data regarding motorcycle accidents in New Orleans but the Louisiana Department of Transportation gives us an estimate of injuries. In the past few years, about 1,193 people were killed due to motorcycle accidents.

If you look at the statistics for all vehicular accidents, the motorcycle accidents in New Orleans had a higher fatality rate. According to this data, most of these motorcycle drivers were wearing helmets during the crash but it still lead to them getting seriously injured. Protective gear and helmets can make a huge difference but you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings as well.

With more awareness, things have seemed to improve but the state of Louisiana is still known for being one of the most dangerous locations for all drivers, especially motorcyclists. Most of the motorcycle accidents have occurred in the parish locations such as:

  • Caddo Parish: Over 2,000 injury accidents and 37 fatalities
  • East Baton Rouge: Over 4,000 injury crashes and 73 fatalities
  • Orleans Parish: Over 4,000 crashes and 41 fatalities

Let’s look at the type of motorcycle crashes happening in and around Louisiana:

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

New Orleans has been quite familiar with motorcycle crashes, so if you or anyone you know is riding a bike in this city, you should be aware of these accidents. People might think that a motorcycle crash involves a collision with another vehicle such as a car or a truck but often, motorcycle accidents happen on their own.

Here are some of the things that can lead to your bike crashing:

Abrupt Lane Changes

There have been a lot of advancements in automobile technology but any driver can make a mistake. If another driver has a blind spot and ends up changing lanes toward your side, you might get into a collision. Every motorcycle driver should keep an eye on all sides to make sure there are no sudden lane changes by another vehicle.

You should be able to drive your bike without the constant threat of an accident, this is why you should always glance over your shoulder when you’re out on the road.

Car Doors

All motorcycle drivers know the danger of being near a parked car as you can’t predict when the car door might open and hit you. This gives the motorcyclist no time to react because the car doors can open suddenly in front of them. The only way to prevent this from happening is by slowing down your speed whenever you’re moving near a parked car.

Vehicles Colliding

Even if you’re a careful and experienced driver, it cannot prevent you from getting into an accident because the other driver might be at fault. Many drivers are distracted or drive recklessly without a single care in the world. You can’t risk your motorcycle colliding with another vehicle because it will lead to a serious injury for you. Make sure all drivers can see your bike easily and turn on the indicators before making any move.

What Factors Contribute to These Accidents?

A motorcycle accident can be one of the worst types of automobile accidents. Motorcyclists don’t have any extra protection and if they suffer from a fall or slip, it can lead to deadly injuries. Many drivers end up with a traumatic brain injury, bone fractures, or long-term paralysis.

You must wear a helmet before getting on a motorcycle and check out the external environment around you to avoid getting into a crash. Your surroundings and road conditions matter a lot as they can disrupt any driver and cause serious harm. The New Orleans roads can carry a lot of hazards and the following factors can contribute to these motorcycle accidents:

Any Kind of Construction

If you’re going to be traveling, you should check the daily notices from the Louisiana Department of Transportation to see any ongoing constructions. You can see if your route has any road or bridge under construction. These kinds of disruptions can lead to serious problems because any driver can lose control because of road detours or any other maintenance issues.

Your motorcycle might slip due to leftover equipment on the road or other transportation issues. Road constructions cause abrupt traffic changes so all motorcyclists should be fully aware of their routes.

Road Conditions

A lot of times, accidents happen because a road was not maintained properly. There might be huge bumps and confusing road changes that can lead to an accident. As the motorcycle doesn’t provide much protection, even a small bump or hurdle can cause the bike to collide with oncoming traffic.

New Orleans has a lot of poorly built and deteriorating roads that can be a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. You should wear protective gear before you start driving your bike.


As motorcycles are one of the smallest vehicles on the road, this can make it difficult for other drivers to see them in time. For instance, a car might not see a bike in front of them when changing their lanes, this can cause a sudden crash. Motorcycle visibility is one of the main concerns for all bikers because it puts them in a dangerous situation whenever they’re on the road. You should use extra lighting and always use signals to notify any other drivers around you.


Most accidents occur due to the location of the road because it adds to the list of obstructions while driving. New Orleans has had a lot of motorcycle accidents and many of them proved to be fatal. We all need to work together to avoid fatalities and we can do so by making sure we take the safest route possible.

Reckless Driving

New Orleans Traffic Data showed that most motorcycle accidents occurred due to the reckless nature of other drivers. A lot of times drivers are careless or intoxicated and don’t care about their negligent behavior. Drunk driving is a specific example that can lead to head injuries, severe injuries to the spinal cord, and other catastrophic injuries in the case of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Drivers Suffer From Serious Injuries

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, the chances of you walking away safely are quite rare. That’s because any larger vehicle can have a huge impact on your motorcycle and cause serious damage to you. As the bikers are exposed to all threats, when they’re in an accident, they can become victims of road rash or life-threatening head trauma. Most motorcycle drivers end up with lower body injuries and the road to recovery can be long and hard. You should be able to enjoy your motorcycle ride without the constant fear of getting into a serious accident. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do.

Despite the best efforts on part of the motorcycle operator, motorcycle accident claims are abundant. Motorcycles often crash with commercial vehicles and passenger vehicle drivers (driven by a negligent party). As mentioned earlier, unsafe lane changes also cause such crashes but other types of motor vehicle accidents can also happen: drunk driving crashes, distracted driving crashes, motorcycle malfunction crashes, and so on. You’ll have to reach out to the insurance adjuster of the at-fault party or file a personal injury claim (or possibly a wrongful death claim) against the liable parties for maximum compensation.

Consider teaming up with a motorcycle accident lawyer in New Orleans to hold the responsible parties accountable for all the damages inflicted, economic and non-economic. Serious cases can pose a risk of death, and involve fatal injuries, several broken bones, and so on. Our team of personal injury lawyers will hold the distracted driver accountable for your damages.

Discuss Your Case With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

In the state of Louisiana (especially New Orleans), most motorcycle accidents occur on Fridays and there’s an increase in injuries during the time of 3-4 pm. While driving a motorcycle can be fun and adventurous, it’s not worth putting your life at risk for. You should always wear protective gear and check the weather forecast and current road conditions (avoid dangerous road conditions and road hazards).

Every driver should be aware of the route they’re going to take before they get on the road. If you suffered a personal injury due to a motorcycle accident, you should immediately get the help you need from a motorcycle accident lawyer in New Orleans. If you suffered serious injuries due to the reckless driving of someone else, get in touch with the Wright & Gray law firm to see if we can help with your case.

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