Why You Must Get Treatment after an Accident

Oct 18, 2016

Car accidents can cause a wide range of health problems–from minor to severe physical injuries and even emotional strain. Regardless of how bad your health is affected, it is important that you seek medical assistance to protect your health and legal rights.

Often, victims neglect the importance of medical consultation after an accident. This is especially true when the situation does not immediately cause severe injuries or horrible pain. It’s important to remember, though, that some symptoms of accident-related injuries may appear days or even months later.

The human body produces large amounts of chemicals called adrenaline and endorphins during emergency situations, such as when you’re in an accident. The so-called adrenaline rush gives you energy, and the endorphins serves as natural pain killers. So unless your injury is severe, you may feel fine right after a wreck. Your endorphins can stay high for days, or even weeks, delaying the sensation of pain from your injuries. However, as your endorphins drop, pain sets in and other symptoms surface.

Injuries to soft tissues (body parts other than bones) are usually the ones that do not show up until later. Whiplash, an injury to the neck muscles from the head being thrown forward and backward, is the most common soft tissue injury. Other examples include sprains, strains, and contusions.

Signs and symptoms of delayed car wreck injuries include these:

  • Headaches that may signal serious health concerns, such as a blood clot on the brain;
  • Belly pain that may indicate a severe condition such as internal bleeding;
  • Neck or shoulder pain and numbness that may indicate whiplash;
  • Back pain;
  • Changes in personality or memory; and
  • Having vivid memories and nightmares of the accident.

Medical doctors are in the best position to assess you after an accident. By seeing one, you can be monitored for complications weeks after the accident. Also, seeking medical advice right after the accident creates the necessary paperwork in case you need to file a lawsuit later.

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