Elder Abuse: How an Attorney Can Help

Sep 20, 2016

One of the most despicable acts in any society is the abuse of another human being. This abuse is particularly offensive when it is carried out by a person or entity charged with taking care of a vulnerable person, as is often the case with elder abuse. Fortunately, attorneys experienced in the field of elder abuse can help clients avoid abuse, decide how to precede, and recover damages when this appalling conduct occurs.  


Elder law attorneys can help stop elder abuse and neglect before it starts. An experienced lawyer can help structure estate plans and financial documents, such as powers of attorney, to minimize the ability of one person to abuse an elder’s savings and other resources. An attorney can also pursue protective measures of the elderly person using legal tools such as a protective order, when it appears that mental or physical abuse may be an issue.


An attorney who works regularly in the area of elder law can help clients make decisions about how to proceed when elder abuse occurs. An experienced lawyer can help her client recognize and evaluate symptoms of abuse, whether physical, financial, or otherwise. The attorney can present different options to the client and explain the likely outcome of pursuing each. To read more about the symptoms of elder abuse, please see our earlier blog here.


If a decision is made to pursue a lawsuit against someone responsible for elder abuse, an attorney experienced in the area is best suited to handle the case. It is important to work with someone who can help establish a safe environment for the elderly person and who knows the elder care system.

A possible recovery for elder abuse can best be evaluated by a Louisiana personal injury lawyer with experience in the area. To schedule a free consultation today, contact Wright Pichon & Gray.

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