How to Identify Elder Abuse

About four percent of elderly people in our population struggle against abuse. The government and dedicated organizations are working to address this issue. For example, state agencies conduct background checks and list abusers who are prohibited from working with older people. However, until everybody knows abuse when they see it, we won’t make much progress […]

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Elder Abuse: Why Is It so Common?

The aging population is projected to continue to grow. That means cases of elder abuse will likely go up. There is no clear explanation for elder abuse to be so common. But some of the factors causing elder abuse are family situations, caregiver problems, and cultural issues. Family situations usually involve domestic violence that has […]

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Elder Abuse in Louisiana? Here’s What You Need to Know.

As the population of senior citizens has increased, so has the concern for their well-being. Both the federal and state governments have passed laws protecting senior citizens from acts of abuse and neglect at the hands of caregivers, family members, and financial scammers. Typical signs of elder abuse include: Pushing, striking, or restraining; Screaming, insulting, […]

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Elder Abuse: How an Attorney Can Help

One of the most despicable acts in any society is the abuse of another human being. This abuse is particularly offensive when it is carried out by a person or entity charged with taking care of a vulnerable person, as is often the case with elder abuse. Fortunately, attorneys experienced in the field of elder […]

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Who Is Required to Report Elder Abuse in Louisiana?

Elder abuse is prevalent across the country, and Louisiana is no exception. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reports that over 7,300 adult abuse cases are reported annually and that the far majority of elder abuse goes undetected or unreported. Louisiana makes it a crime to fail to report elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Although […]

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