How to Handling Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Lafayette, LA

Dec 21, 2022

The NCOA reports that five million people experience elder abuse each year, with nursing home abuse as a larger part of this tragic problem. Of nursing home abuse cases, 29% are physical abuse, 21% are psychological abuse, 7% are sexual abuse, and 7% are financial exploitation.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, and your loved one is in danger, or you know of other nursing home residents who report abuse, do not let the victim suffer in silence. First, get help from someone you trust. Second, get a Lafayette lawyer to get the compensation the victim deserves and put the abuser on notice.

The cycle of abuse ends now, and here is how. 

Keeping Your Loved One Safe

Families look to nursing homes because they need professionals to care for their loved ones, beyond their own capabilities, 24/7. You are trusting the nursing home that they will care for your loved one the way you would want to care for them.

Unfortunately, there are nursing homes that are not the safe havens you would expect. National news headlines have shed light on certain nursing homes over the years with reports of nursing home abuse.

Usually, the problems occur from the nursing home staff. Sometimes it is because a large corporation is sacrificing quality and proper staffing to generate more profits.

Nursing Home Abuse Types

The National Center on Elder Abuse, or NCEA, lists seven types of nursing home abuse cases, which are emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, self-neglect, abandonment, and financial abuse. Sometimes, these causes can overlap, such as a loved one suffering from both physical and emotional abuse.

What Causes Nursing Home Abuse?

There is never an excuse. However, it is important to understand the causes so that you can identify when your loved one is in a dangerous place. Common reasons nursing home abuse happens is that the staff is suffering burnout, lack of supervision, understaffing, and greed.

Warning Signs

Always trust your gut instinct. If something seems array, have it investigated immediately. The sooner you report it and get a Lafayette lawyer to investigate it, the sooner you can make the abuse stop.

Common signs that something is seriously wrong include physical injuries, like unexplained cuts, bruises, broken bones, or repeated falls. Another sign is emotional changes. Your loved one may complain about the treatment of a staff member outright, or they could appear afraid of specific residents.

If your loved one is suddenly suffering anxiety or depression, which is a big change in their usual personality, this could mean abuse. Poor hygiene and malnourishment or dehydration are signs of abuse. Untreated bedsores are another sign.

Report It

First, you must report the abuse and make any effort you can to ensure it stops. Then, call a Lafayette lawyer immediately.

Stopping Nursing Home Abuse Cases in Lafayette LA

The cycle of abuse stops now. Nursing home abuse is inhumane. It should not go unpunished.

If you suspect nursing home abuse for your loved one, contact Wright & Gray immediately to launch an investigation. Once Wright & Gray has proof of the abuse, you can take legal action.

Contact Wright & Gray now.

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