Elder Abuse: Why Is It so Common?

Oct 11, 2016

The aging population is projected to continue to grow. That means cases of elder abuse will likely go up. There is no clear explanation for elder abuse to be so common. But some of the factors causing elder abuse are family situations, caregiver problems, and cultural issues.

Family situations usually involve domestic violence that has existed in the family relationship for a long time. The stress and difficulties that come with caring for an elder can cause family members to resort to abuse.

Caregiver problems refer to personal issues that an abuser has to deal with. Some caregivers may not be satisfied with their jobs or having to tend to their parents and hold down a job at the same time. But they may have no choice. In worst cases, caregivers may be suffering from chemical dependency, increasing the risk for abusive behavior.

A common cultural issue attributed to elder abuse is “ageism.” Ageism means older people are seen as senile and having less power. This may cause younger generations to disrespect, devalue, and abuse the older population.

Many people have tried to understand why elder abuse is common. Here are some reasons:

  • Caregiver Stress–Family members and caregivers tend to become abusive because they are tired and frustrated with providing care;
  • Learning–Those who abuse tend to use violence to solve problems in their lives;
  • Power and Control Theory–Some people get abusive to maintain power and control in the relationship;

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