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Although slip and fall accidents may seem surprising, they’re actually quite common. Slipping in the bathroom or while walking your pet may lead to injuries that change your life forever. The National Safety Council estimates that 36% of all accidental injuries are slips and falls. The negligent property owner failed to fulfill their duty of care by not providing other precautionary measures.

Falls account for over 8 million hospital visits, representing the most common cause of hospital visits (seen in 21.3% of cases). Slips & falls account for over 1 million emergencies.

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you will be compensated for all related costs including pain, suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

The Basics of Slip and Fall Accidents

Most common types of slip and fall accidents happen when you run into something on someone else’s property. This is a good reason why even though the legal term “slip and fall” refers to that type of accident, it also includes properties that are in need of care and appropriate safety measures such as automatic doors, wide walkway space, etc. Slip and falls happen all the time at various places – supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, parking lots and office buildings. There is also a high possibility that it could happen on sidewalks.

If an accident in which you were harmed occurs, our personal injury attorneys can help by filing a wrongful death lawsuit to provide loved ones with the financial compensation they deserve.

The Many Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

It’s important to make sure you’re prepared for all types of slip and fall accidents that can potentially happen even if your fall involves nothing more than a little spilled liquid. A wide variety of factors, such as slippery surfaces, slopes, and heights can cause accidents so make sure you are careful at all times.

  • Poor lighting
  • Concealed fixtures
  • Uneven stairs
  • Unsafe stairways
  • Stairs lacking railings
  • Cracked pavement
  • Debris in walkways
  • Torn carpeting
  • Insufficient sidewalk maintenance

The slip and fall that occurred on the property owner’s premises was due to negligence. You should consider retaining a personal injury attorney in order to build a case for yourself for lucrative settlement offers or favorable judgments.

Talking to an attorney or a legal support staff member is not complicated. Both have specific roles and typically, their purpose is to assist with the establishment of a large settlement. Don’t attempt to navigate these ‘murky’ waters on your own and be sure to consult someone with experience for professional legal services.

We recommend using an experienced, professional plaintiff with an exclusive injury claim who has handled drafting and trial-readying consistent services before. Having come back ‘successful’ can help you avoid a path to the court which would only lead to more lost time You’re looking to take the next step and restart your life, but you’re not sure how. We offer free consultations in order to sit down and see if we can help. You’ll find it helpful that we even offer a risk-free trial service so there’s no possibility of having any unpleasant surprises pop up on you down the road and money.

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At Wright & Gray, we are dedicated to getting the best settlement possible for our clients after a slip and fall accident. You’re in a tough spot, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get back on your feet. We offer free consultations so you can see before you sign anything that we can help with your case.


Why Slip and Fall Accidents are so Serious

People typically don’t report slip and fall accidents because they’re embarrassed. However, falls are more likely to happen when you’re distracted. However, if you think there is even a remote chance another person or institution is even partially responsible for your slip and fall, you should contact our law office right away. When an injury has severely affected your life and taken away a substantial part of your income, you’ll feel like it’s a burden to cover the medical expenses yourself. Fortunately, there are legal avenues that we can use to receive financial compensation for personal injuries.

With our Slip and Fall Protection Package, you’ll receive comprehensive compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, medical bills, rehabilitation costs and more. If you are injured at work or suffer any other misadventure, we pursue compensation on your behalf in your time of need.

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