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If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, a reputable Memphis brain injury lawyer can provide the assistance and legal guidance to help you secure the compensation you need to move on with your life.


In the event of an accident, a person can experience all kinds of consequences, including serious injuries like Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Acquiring reliable legal assistance to protect your rights is thus incredibly important. Doing so can help relieve any existing or future complications that may arise. Nonetheless, not all accident attorneys have the expertise to deal with a brain injury case. It is important to find an experienced injury lawyer who specializes in such cases as they are more equipped to help you successfully navigate through your legal matter.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, a good motor vehicle accident lawyer will provide you with an initial free consultation to discuss the matter. For those suffering from a traumatic brain injury though, there may be other considerations that must be taken into account. From the financial burden of medical bills to the life-altering implications of a TBI, all these factors have an immense effect on your day-to-day reality. Before delving into the services of a brain injury lawyer, let us first have a closer look at traumatic brain injuries and understand what it entails, as well as how it can have an effect on your life in the long run.

What are Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that any sort of injury that influences the way our brain works is categorized as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This might include receiving a strong hit to the head or an object piercing through your skull. Sadly, TBIs are one of the greatest causes of fatalities in America. Insurance is an invaluable asset meant to protect clients in the event of an accident. Most policies cover traumatic brain injuries, but it’s hard to predict the extent of harm they can cause. That is why having adequate coverage is so critical.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are among the most common types of accidents resulting in long-term physical pain and other complications such as impaired autonomic/reflex function. It is essential for affected individuals to seek immediate medical attention in order to prevent further harm or permanent damage. TBIs can come with serious consequences, both in the short and long term. Symptoms could range from dizziness to losing consciousness for a brief period. Fortunately, most concussions heal in a relatively short time-frame. In some cases, the long-term ramifications of a traumatic brain injury may not be evident until an extended period of time has passed. If the TBI occurred in childhood, it could result in serious developmental delays. Under such circumstance, obtaining legal counsel from an experienced lawyer would be an ideal solution.

Let us manage all the legal matters concerning your brain injury while you return to your everyday life. Let us give you the peace of mind so you can focus on recovery.

Is There Such a Thing As a Brain Injury Attorney?

Attorneys who are experienced in brain injury law are hard to come by, however they do exist. Many of them work on the same terms as personal injury attorneys, with a contingency fee and a free initial consultation for prospective clients. AI-assisted lawyers can provide clients with guidance through the legal process and help them reach a solution they are comfortable with. Expenses such as medical bills and lawyer fees can be considered in an overall estimate of the cost of bringing a case to trial.

To make a successful accident claim, you will need to identify the responsible party. The evidence in the police report can help you decide who is at-fault and should be held accountable. Plaintiffs with cases involving a variety of damages can count on injury attorneys to handle their wrongful death lawsuits as easily as any other personal injury lawsuit. The goal of a TBI lawyer is to ensure clients are able to receive appropriate compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Legal Considerations

Location-based laws may come into play when determining the outcome of a case. Various states across the US have adopted the Comparative Fault Rule, which limits the monetary remuneration that one can receive in an accident claim settlement. Insurance companies particularly favor this rule since it gives them the chance to dodge paying their rightful share of compensation in a personal injury case.

If a lawyer is representing you in a court case, they will attempt to demonstrate that the responsible party was negligent. Negligence is when an individual has an obligation of care and acts without regard for it, resulting in your injuries – such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – in this scenario. Acquiring the necessary evidence to support your case can be quite a tedious task. In such cases, it is imperative to reach out to experienced professionals like medical experts or police officers who may have been involved in your matter. Their testimony and report will be crucial in establishing the legitimacy of your claim. Personal injury lawyers go to great lengths to get all the facts regarding your case and pinpoint where fault lies. They take the extra step to ensure you are rightfully compensated for pain suffering caused by another person.

Connect with a Memphis Brain Injury Attorney

At Wright & Gray, we provide the best legal help for our clients after a traumatic brain injury. If you have been through a difficult time due to an injury or loss, we can help you to get back on your feet start life anew. Our team is experienced dedicated to helping you receive the settlement that you deserve. We offer free advice to help you understand how we can settle your case before any commitments are made.


How Can a Brain Injury Attorney Help?

Our legal team takes the necessary steps to validate your claims and fight for you in court. We have some of the most knowledgeable attorneys who can handle both the defendants and their insurance companies. We ensure that your best interests are kept in mind while we work towards an agreeable settlement. The physical trauma you have endured, the medical costs it has incurred and the associated issues like paralysis etc. all need to be taken into account when settling this claim in your favor.

During your initial appointment, you may be asked to provide information about yourself and any prior medical treatment related to the injury. This helps us understand your condition better and provides us with more accurate insights. Every physical damage sustained by you, no matter how big or small, from a TBI to bruises and scratches, will all be taken into account when assessing if your case is strong enough to take to court. We are fully aware of these injuries and will make sure that they are properly accounted for in our decision.

Generally, your lawyer will consider sending a demand letter when you file a personal injury claim. This is standard practice and usually, either the defendant or their insurance provider will respond with an offer to settle the case out of court. When it comes to accident settlements, multiple factors are considered when deciding on the amount of fair compensation.

What Kind of Settlement can a Personal Injury Claim Get for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are serious can incur high costs. Treatment, care and recovery expenses associated with these conditions can be steep. Once we identify the liable party for your incident, we can calculate the value of your claim ensuring you receive full compensation. Through this approach, you can confidently achieve the best possible outcome.

No two brain injury cases are the same – the extent at which you will be affected depends on which parts of your brain were damaged due to the accident. However, Memphis TBI victims often seek many of the same kinds of damages. Considering the opinion of your doctor, we have considered several elements that might contribute to the value of your claim in our preliminary analysis. These include any damages you may have suffered.

  • Loss of income
  • Lost future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • The pain of loneliness and being without someone to share love with is hard to bear.
  • Copays
  • Hospital bills
  • Home healthcare
  • Medical equipment
  • The prices of prescription drugs have been rising steadily in recent years, making it more and more difficult for people to afford the medications they need.
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are two type of treatments which help individuals regain mobility, strength functioning. The treatments involve exercise, manual therapy and modalities to help those recover from injuries or improve the quality of their life.
  • Travelling expenses for medical appointments can add up quickly, making it difficult to access the care you need.
  • Making modifications to your home in order to fit the necessary medical equipment can be both cost-effective and life-saving. It will make living at home a more comfortable experience for those requiring long-term care or regular treatments.

The injured party can seek compensation for everything that has been affected due to the incident. This could include a claim on any damaged property such as items broken in the accident that had monetary value. . Insurance adjusters that represent the defendant may visit the scene of the collision and analyze both vehicles to gain a good understanding of what happened. The details collected will be used to make an offer as recommended by them. Additionally, the financial impact on each vehicle due to physical damage will also be part of this calculation and compared against the defendant’s coverage. Apart from the material damages, compensation for psychological trauma may also be factored in.

When it comes to settling a legal dispute out of court, the defendant’s insurance provider might try to get away with paying out as little as possible. One such tactic used is low balling the injured party, which involves offering an amount lower than what is reasonable. Settling for a lower amount than the potential damages may waive off any further claims that the injured party had. Not only does it put an end to the accident insurance claim, but it also restricts them from bringing any future suits against either the defendant or insurer. Your experienced personal injury lawyers will be aware of any kind of trick that the insurers might use and advise you against accepting their offer. If negotiations between the lawyers and the insurance company don’t reach a positive outcome, then the case will have to go to court. The insurance company will usually do whatever they can to stop a case from going to a trial, but there may be those few times when they think their chances at success are high and opt for a court battle.

Through trial settlements, court plays a vital role in finding the desired remediation. Both sides of the conflict are heard and carefully evaluated by a judge so that an appropriate verdict can be delivered based on the offered facts. When deciding on the final settlement, the judge will take into account evidence such as police reports, expert witness testimonials and medical records about the head injury. Various factors will influence their decision and all of them must be considered. Injury can be a great hindrance to your life, impacting your enjoyment and even robbing you of the means to support yourself. A judge may decide that compensation for these losses is due and grant you a damage award accordingly.

In a just resolution, due consideration must be given to medical bills long-term costs associated with chronic conditions or injuries. This will help in ensuring fairness effectiveness of the settlement. The Court may ask the convicted party to compensate the plaintiff for additional expenses, such as traveling charges, automobile repairs or rehabilitative treatments. Thus, these out-of-pocket costs may also be taken into consideration. Property damage may also factor into the equation if the plaintiff’s holdings were part of the accident. The judge may also decide to impose punitive damages on the wrongdoer. This serves as a warning to others and also sets a benchmark of expected behavior by everyone. Punitive damages are awarded when someone is found guilty of causing an accident through their negligence. An accident caused by another person’s aggressive or distracted driving is a good example of how damages are used to act as a deterrent. The compensation you obtain from the settlement should be sufficient to pay for both your current and future medical bills, ensuring that your financial burden is lightened.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

It is essential to choose a specialized lawyer for your TBI accident claim as not all Injury Lawyers are the same. You should select an attorney who has years of experience in the field and understands how to tackle the case successfully. With decades of experience behind them, the lawyers at Wright & Gray understand brain injury settlements better than anyone else. So don’t hesitate to give them a call right away and get the justice you deserve. Their team is here to help you seek fair compensation for all your injuries quickly efficiently.

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