Trucking Accidents

Commercial Truck Accidents and Insurance Companies: Why You Need a Lawyer

Being involved in any automotive accident is a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, the process can drag out much longer after the...
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Do Semi-trucks Have Black Boxes That Can Help with Accident Investigation?

Most people are familiar with the term “black box” as it relates to airline accident investigations. This box is meant...
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Hit By an 18-Wheeler? What You Need to Know.

The sheer size and weight of big rigs make them especially dangerous on the road. The damage from a wreck...
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Proving Your Case in a Big Truck Accident

It can be pretty intimidating to go up against a big company lawyer. But if you’ve been injured in an...
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What Happens if you are in a Wreck with a Government Vehicle?

Getting in an auto accident with anyone can be frightening, and lead to very lengthy and costly battles with insurance...
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You’re Run Off the Road By a Semi-truck: Can You Sue?

Getting run off the road by any vehicle can be a frightening experience. You’re driving down the highway, listening to...
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Avoid Truckers’ No Zones and Protect Yourself

With our busy everyday lives, it’s easy to ignore safe driving messages. After all, they show up on TV and...
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David v. Goliath: Improving Big Rig and Bus Safety

If you have ever seen a long line of stopped traffic on an interstate, you may have noticed the sheer...
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Why Truck/18-Wheeler Accidents Are So Common

Even with the efforts of agencies like the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),...
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